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What are the best dog breeds for me? Try this quiz.

What dog breed is best for you?

Let’s have some fun today, by moving away from some of my more serious health-related posts. Are you wondering what are the best dog breeds for me? I discovered this nifty quiz, which can help match you with the most suitable dog breeds. Consequently, I think this Animal Planet Dog Selector is pretty cool.

What does the quiz take into account?

It’s a short questionnaire that takes only a couple of minutes  and it’s quite simple to complete.  Perhaps most importantly, it takes into account the following important criteria:

    • your lifestyle and how active you are
    • how much time you are willing to spend exercising your dog
    • how often you want to play with them
    • what sort of characteristics you want your dog to have
    • the level of grooming maintenance you are willing to undertake
    • behaviour towards you and other animals
    • and of course, size of dog – which is all important because not everyone has large houses surrounded by acres of land or forest!

It’s great as it gives you one best match, but also a list of next best matches. So if your best match doesn’t particularly appeal to you for some reason, there are other good matches available. It also provides pictures and names of the breeds, which is great to help you decide.

Here is my own example of what came out when I took the quiz:

Example of Animal Planet Dog Selector Results

One piece of advice…

Be as honest as possible with your answers, especially if you are actually going to use this as a guide to making actual decisions. In particular is the amount of time you have to exercise a dog on a daily basis. This is maybe one of the most important questions to answer honestly.

Otherwise you could end up with a very active dog, that doesn’t quite get it’s exercise quota. This can result in quite a few behavioural issues which can be upsetting for both you and your dog.

PLEASE NOTE: Since I originally wrote this article, privacy legislation changed in the UK, As a result many US-based websites have chosen to restrict access to their websites for UK-based residents. Sometimes they extend this to Europe as well. Thank you to the kind people that let me know they couldn’t access my original quiz. For anyone that falls into that category, here is an alternative  link.




A small section on dog training

Whether you are taking on a young puppy, or an adult dog, if you ever find you need additional help and support for training, there is free online help available to get you started. It may turn out you and your doggie friend require face-to-face help with training, from an expert or as part of a group session, but why not check out the free resources first and see how you get on.


As always, I would welcome your comments, any questions or just some general feedback. You can leave these below.

And if you feel like it, it would be great to get some of your own match results. It would be interesting to see what, if any, are the most common matches from the quiz. It doesn’t have to be the pictures, but just the name of the breed – let’s see what comes out of it all!

Have a great day dog lovers!

10 thoughts on “What are the best dog breeds for me? Try this quiz.

  1. Hi Mara, 

    This sounds like a great tool!

    I’ve been trying to convince my girlfriend for a while that a dog would be a good addition, my family had huskies growing up and I’d love to give my kids that same experience. Unfortunately I’m UK based and the tool doesn’t appear to be available here as of yet; do you know if there are plans to change that?

    1. Interesting, as I am based in the UK! It was working fine when I wrote this article, but you’re the second person who has said they can’t access it. I think it’s the GDPR rules in the UK that came into effect last year, as there are quite a few US sites that won’t allow UK visitors to save the effort of being GDPR compliant in our market. Try thia one from IAMS, which should be fine for the UK.

      Thanks for drawing this to my attention, Mara.

  2. I really do like the idea of the animal planet dog selector to assist you with your choice of dog. It did however not work in my part of the world, which was a bummer, but from reading the article as well as your comments, it does seem to be fairly accurate in how it makes its decision. I have tried similar quizzes before and I usually end up with the same dog over and over haha, that being the dog breed I already have I might add, or a breed that I am interested in.

    Do you think that we answer the questions in a way to get the breed we are interested in?

    Great article overall. I enjoyed the reading even though I wasn’t able to take the test.

    1. That’s a shame the quiz didn’t work – what country are you in, as maybe I should add a note to the post to say it doesn’t work there? I do suspect you are right, and that we maybe subconsciously influence our answers if we are existing dog owners or like a particular breed. However, I do think it’s very accurate for first time owners who are not sure what type of breed is best for their family and lifestyle. Thanks for trying, and I’m glad you found the rest of the article interesting. Best wishes, Mara.

  3. Dear Mara,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post. Being a dog lover this post and the tool you have provided is very helpful.

    I have taken the 10 Dog Breed Questionnaire and the questions are relevant and helpful. My recommended dog breed is Beauceron and the description about the Beauceron is very helpful to know more details about the dog. They also provided with a Beauceron Guide which is super helpful.

    I am bookmarking your post to share with my friends if anyone asks me for guidance in choosing dog breeds. Thank you for sharing this post. Its very insightful and enlightening.

    Much Success!


    1. Hi Paul and thanks for taking the quiz. I’m glad you found it useful, and I would love it if you share it with other people you know. Thanks again, Mara.

  4. Well I took the test and for some reason I came up with a Jack Russel breed…not the Irish Setter I was hoping for (my boyhood pet and companion for many, many years!). 

    Still, it’s definitely a fun way to find out what pet you are suited to, and I’ve never really considered such a small breed of dog – still…small breed big personality!

    Thanks for introducing us to this fun tool

    1. Ha ha, I was the same. I didn’t get the German Shepherd we own. However, it did come back with the German Short Haired Pointer, so I guess it’s from the same country! It is a fun quiz, and certainly wouldn’t over rule any existing dogs you might have. It does make you think about exercising and the needs of our lovely dogs though! Thanks for giving it a go 🙂

  5. Well I have gone to your dog selector and found my perfect choice is an English cocker spaniel. Unfortunately these are one of my least favourite dogs as the ones here in Australia seem to be very dumb. Maybe from inbreeding.

    Springer spaniels are fine but that didn’t come up.

    So it looks like a Polish lowland sheepdog or a border collie. Fortunately our BCs are intelligent and much calmer than my friend’s BC in Canada.

    This is a very helpful way to match people to dog types.

    1. Hi Helen,
      This made me laugh – I really wanted to be matches with a German Shepherd, as they are my favorite breed. However, I got a German Short-Haired Pointer, so I then tried to tell myself at least they are both German! It’s good for a bit of fun – but I think if you are are an experienced dog owner, you may have already decided what you like best – just like the two of us! Thanks for taking the quiz and I hope you and your Border Collies are all fine and well.
      All the best, Mara.

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