Special Offers on Top Quality Dog Products

Carefully selected offers so you can save money on top-quality dog products. However, the Amazon special offers further down the page are not screened for quality. Due to the constant updating I can’t check each one. However, there may be something here that suits you and your dogs.

I apologise in advance if you can’t find anything for your country. Because offers can be geographically restricted, there my be a gap for your country.

I usually update this page each month, so do come back and check again.

Happy Shopping!

$20 Off on your purchase of $100 or more

(offer available up to 31st October 2019)

Toys designed to benefit the whole dog, through physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. Therefore, they are a brilliant option for energetic and active dogs.

Get up to 75% off first 10lb (USA only)

Some dog owners are finding their dogs benefit from a raw food diet. These benefits may include:

  • shinier coats
  • higher energy levels
  • in some cases relief from allergies

Darwins Raw Dog Food can be delivered directly to your door. It’s made from 100% meat and vegetables, with amounts customised to your own dog.

  • 30 day risk-free trial
  • veterinarian approved
  • free shipping in US
  • very reasonable international shipping

GET 15% OFF with CODE TOY15

A unique “dog-suit” designed for use anywhere you don’t want dog hair – your house,  car, or maybe while visiting someone. Its constructed from a premium eco-friendly fabric, with 4-way stretch

  • lightweight and breathable (cool and comfortable)
  • machine washable
  • easy un-zip for toilet stops

Also brilliant to prevent biting/scratching at wounds after surgery, instead of the dreaded cone of shame. Can also help dogs with anxiety issues, where slight pressure has been shown to help give feelings of comfort.

Bully Sticks for Dogs (USA only)

A natural alternative to treats like rawhide, that may be difficult to digest. These are wholesome dental chews your dog will love. 

Improves Oral Health

Scrapes away plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth, to help prevent tooth decay and bad breath. Available in a range of lengths and thickness, so you can choose the ideal Bully Stick for your dog]s size and chewing habits.

Quality-Asured Dog Treats

The bully sticks and other products come from livestock and are crafted into totally natural, protein-rich dog treats and chews. 


(USA only – offer available until 31st Dec 2019)

BOOST ME Dog Food (USA only)

Recent studies have shown that adding at least 20% raw food to your dog’s diet is enough to significantly reduce markers for inflammation and tumor growth in dogs. The more you add, the better the results.

BOOST ME is a raw-food supplement that contains simple ingredients that pack a big nutritional punch! It gives your dog the benefits of raw food, without the mess and hassle.

Why is it freeze dried? The process locks in the freshness, and eliminates the needs for all types of nasty preservatives. Just add to your’s dogs existing food, and an excellent choice for ill or senior dogs, and also fussy eaters!

Amazon Offers on Dog Products

I haven’t screened these offers, because they are continually changing, so please take care to check the reviews and product details before you order.

United Kingdom

These are dog products from Amazon UK , that have special offers or discounts available on them.

They are likely to change daily, so hopefully there’s something there that your dog will like. It is pet supplies, but just scroll through and you’ll find dog products there too.


Get yourself all the latest coupons to save on dog products.


Lightening Deals on Pet Supplies – just click on the link and scroll through to find any dog products that interest you. These are limited time deals and change all the time. Hope you find something you like!

4 thoughts on “Special Offers on Top Quality Dog Products

  1. Thank you for listing many special offers on some good quality dog products. Since I and my cousin live outside USA (we have two Golden Retriever pups), I will check the first offer. Getting US$ 20 off from US$ 100 sale is a good bargain for us. I will tell my friend in USA for those other offer. She will glad to check them for her Husky.

    1. That’s great that you can share with others. Thank you sincerely for doing that. I’m glad you liked the page!

  2. We found a really great pet product on Amazon. It was a pet tube. It can be used for cats or dogs. It goes in the back seat of a car and takes up all the space. We use it for our cats when travelling. It prevents them from getting in the way of the driver and causing an accident. It can also be used for small to medium dogs. I wouldn’t want to put a big dog in it

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Thank you so much for taking a look and also suggesting the tube product. I’ll definitely take a look and see if I can find that,a s it sounds like a great thing to have and use in the car, especially for safety. 


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