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Sparing a Thought for Police Dogs Today

Yesterday, another act of unthinkable human violence happened in London. This is the third terror attack in the United Kingdom in three months, and has made me think again about the invaluable job all police dogs do. Whether it be chasing down suspects, sniffing out explosives, or protecting their handlers, I can’t help thinking about the increasing role they are playing in the anti-terrorism activities which are now becoming a daily part of life for police officers. As a tribute to these hard working animals, who also put their lives on the line to protect the general public, I wanted to share some police dog pictures. Hopefully it will make you also spare a thought for these wonderful animals, and the threats they face in their working lives.

Working hard on the streets of London, this springer spaniel has the job of sniffing out anything that’s out of the oridnary. It could be drugs, weapons or other explosives, but with a nose thousands of times more sensitive than ours, he can defintiely do the job!

Police dogs are generally very happy in their roles, having been selected at a very young age to fit a certain set of criteria and behavioral tendencies. They enjoy their training and their work, which is very lucky for us!

So what happens with the selection and training of police dogs, from the puppy stage. This video taken at the Northumbria Police Force in the UK sums it all up rather nicely…


Puppy Patrol: Inside Northumbria Police Dog Squad As New Recruits Begin Training from India Adams-Norton VJ on Vimeo.

Police dogs are used all over the world, so here are some wonderful dogs working in Sweden.


As part of sparing a thought for these working police dogs, it’s worth rememebring that their working conditions may sometimes be very challenging, whether in extreme cold or heat, dusty or windy. But their handlers are usually conscious of their welfare and doing everything they can to ensure their health and wellbeing of their dogs.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tribute of mine, but I really felt like saying a big thank you to all the police dogs, who work so hard the worl over, and are now an integral part of protecting our freedom.

Thank You to All Police Dogs!


2 thoughts on “Sparing a Thought for Police Dogs Today

  1. Thank you for sharing this great post. I have a lot of respect for the police and the police dogs and I really do look up to all those people and animals who put themselves on the risk to save others. I often see police dogs in major airports sniffing bags and people, and I admire their cute but serious faces when they are on duty. I salute them!

    1. Thank you Ayako! I’m glad you enjoyed reading this and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts too. Best wishes, Mara

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