Dog Training

Some of the Best Trained And Disciplined Dogs

Training your dog can bring a whole new level to the relationship between you both. It’s often the case a happy dog will have well-defined boundaries. Dogs are so fundamentally loyal and love to please you, so having some rules for their behavior can often be as rewarding fro them as it is for you. 

This can extend to all areas of their lives – whether they are areound you, in the home or out and about at somewhere like the dog park. There’s no doubt that having a wellbehaved dog can make your life a lot easier as well.

Manners around meal times is also quite important. Making sure your dog waits until their meal is dished out, and not snatching or grabbing food is important. Especially to avoid any uneccessary accidents where your fingers may get caught! Just take a look at these well-trained pooches – they take mealtime training to a whole new level.



What do you think? Aren’t they amazing? Everytime I see this I’m amazed that they respond to their names.

However, there is no ned for this advanced level of training, unless you want to take it to that level of course. If you would like some help with training, please do check out either my article on dog training resources, or you can read about a free online mini-course to get your started.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Mara x

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