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I decided to research automatic ball throwers after seeing a video on Facebook this past  weekend. The sheer excitement and joy this dog showed was immense, and I just loved the hopping from paw to paw in anticipation! If this little doggy loved his automatic thrower so much, I figured there must be loads of other dogs out there that would love them too!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the better ones on the market.


GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

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Available in the UK

GoDogGo Automatic Ball LauncherSize: 35.6 x 38.1 x 45.7 cm

Weight: 4.75 Kg

Average customer rating: 8.4/10

==> Check the price and buy here


An automatic ball thrower for your dog, which can be set to manual launch settings if you prefer. The automatic functionality makes it really good for dogs whose fetch stamina outlasts their owners ability to keep throwing a ball! You can also train your dog to return the balls to the large bucket so they can play independently – ideal for collies, and other dogs who like to be entertained 99% of the time. It can be plugged into mains power, or used with batteries for a wireless approach.



Features Benefits
Adjustable distance settings Distance the ball goes can be set from 3 metres to 12.5 metres – to match the size and speed of your own dog.
Different launch speeds AND a remote The thrower can be set to launch balls at 7 or 15 seconds apart, or you can use the remote to launch as and when you want to!
Comes with 3 balls You are ready to start as soon as you get set up, and the balls can be replaced with standard tennis balls if your ones are lost

GoDogGo Automatic Ball Launcher and Golden Retriever


  • It has a standard UK plug, but for mobility purposes it also runs on 6 x DD batteries. great if you want to take it on holiday or to a park.
  • You can buy additional tennis balls, and fill the bucket for more continuous activity



Is there anything that’s not so good?

  • Not really a negative for me, but some people might think it is – it’s not for indoor use! It’s so powerful that the balls will bounce off the walls, ceiling and anything else in the way – expect breakages if you do use it inside!!



iFetch Too

Available in:

Available in the USA   Available in the UK



Size: Launches standard-sized tennis balls – best for medium-large dogs (machine is 14 x 14 x 13 inches; 35.6 x 33 x 30.5 cm)

Weight: 12 lb; 5.6kg

Average customer rating: 8/10

==> check the price and buy here: USA or UK

iFetch Too Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs in action



Effectively, this is an automatic game of fetch for your dog. The balls can be returned and popped into the top opening of the machine, to be launched over and over. Your dog will eventually get the hang of this themselves, and Collies (or any fetching breed) will love this type of interactive play.

Loading the iFetch Too Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

You may have to show them for a start, until they get the idea. The ball can be launched up to 40 feet, which is great if you have a dog that doesn’t get tired of playing fetch.



Features Benefits
It’s automatic! The number one feature for me is it can do it on it’s own. Especially good if you are not up to throwing for long periods on your own.
Re-chargeable batteries This is built into the machine itself, and saves you replacing normal batteries
Comes with tennis balls It’s always a bonus when things arrive ready to go, and you don’t have to order add-ons. The best thing is theses tennis balls are non-abrasive and safe for your pet.


  • iFetch Too Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs. What's in the box?The distance the ball is launched is easily adjusted to 10, 25 or 40 feet by a simple button. But even better than this, there is a variable setting too, which keeps your dog guessing about how far the ball is going to go.
  • The fact that the iFetch Too uses standard tennis balls, means there is no problem to replace them if they get lost or wear out. In fact, you can buy a whole bag here
  • The manufacturer gives a warranty of 6 months, to cover any defects of faulty workmanship.


 Is there anything that’s not so good?

  • Just bear in mind that these are tennis balls, and if you have an aggressive chewer please don’t leave them alone with the balls to chew and/or swallow any pieces. (Note: see my toys for aggressive chewers here)
  • This is my own tip when starting out – hold onto your dog for the first few times until the ball has been released, so they can understand what’s happening and the ball doesn’t hit them square in the face.


Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

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Available in the USA



Nerf Tennis Ball Launcher for DogsSize: 21 x 4.5 x 9 inches;

Weight: 7.5 lb;

Average customer rating: 7.2/10

==> check the price and buy here


A powerful launching tool, that can blast a tennis ball 50 feet or more. High-powered blasting for loads of excitement and fun.



Features Benefits
Hands free picking up of the balls Avoid all that doggy slobber, by placing the mouth of the nerf over the ball, and it will reload from there – great!
No outer moving parts No pinching or trapping of your fingers
Adjustable power settings You can get the right distance for you and your dog, for ultimate games of fetch.


  •  Comes with 4 tennis balls, but no worries if you lose them – this takes standard tennis balls, so you can easily replace cheaply and easily if needed.
  • Very easy to use – simply pull back on the handle, load the ball and launch away!



Is there anything not so good?

  • Like any spring-loaded launch system, the parts will eventually wear out and break. However, it’s not a really expensive toy and worth paying for the fun aspect.



Chuckit! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher

Available in:

Available in the USA   Available in the UK



Chuckit Ball Thrower for dogsSize: Medium – 25″ or 64cm long

Weight: 9.1 oz; 259 g

Average customer rating: 8.9/10

==> check the price and buy here: USA or UK




A long-handled scoop is probably the best way to describe this. The extra length adds heaps of distance onto your normal throw distance, meaning you can exercise your dog more efficiently. It can be used anywhere that has plenty of room!

Chuckit ball thrower for dogs in action


Features Benefits
Hands free ball pick up The scoop on the end is cleverly designed to fit the ball, and can slot onto the ball while it’s on the ground. No more touching saliva-covered balls!
Made from plastic It’s lightweight and flexible, so can be easily carried on walks and used by most children too.
Shaped rubber handle Has a rubber handle that’s is ergonomically designed to feel more comfortable in your hand and less likely to slip out when you are throwing. Hence the ultra-grip description.


  • Throws tennis balls, so whilst you might buy Chuckit branded balls you can easily sub in any normal sized tennis balls as needed.
  • Really, really easy to use!


 Is there anything that’s not so good?

  • You still have to use your arm, so if you have difficulty throwing a ball normally this isn’t the right ball launcher for you.


I hope you’ve found these reviews useful. If you have any other ball throwers or launchers you think are great, let me know below and I’ll add them to the page.

Wishing you and your dog pals happy games of fetch!

4 thoughts on “Reviews on Ball Throwers for Dogs

  1. Wow, what cool toys for dogs. I love the I-Fetch Too. Do you know how many balls you can put in there at once? I can see my dog going crazy getting these balls. I like the Bazook-9 too, as then I can really sail these balls out there and my furry friends get some exercise as well as chasing, which they love.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for visiting my sits and I’m glad you like the ball throwers I’ve chosen to feature. The I-Fetch Too takes only one ball at a time. The reason is it has been designed for dogs to use by themselves, so it can help them to play independently. Some people have managed to get their dogs to do this in 20 minutes, which is amazing! let me know how you get on with these, and if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  2. Hey, nice information on ball throwers for dogs. My husband is a dog lover and he loves to spend time and play with them. I am sure he will like the i-fetch too ball thrower.

    I am not sure whether I missed or not in the review, can you please mention its price and from where I can get this at cheapest rate.

    1. Hello Sangeeta,

      Thank you for your response to my reviews, and your questions. The i-Fetch Too is available from Amazon, and their current price is $199.99. I can’t guarantee this is the cheapest price, as online prices change all the time. To save you going back to the links in the review, you can just simply click here: to be taken directly to the product you liked.

      Thanks again, Mara.

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