Game of Thrones Star Speaks Out About Dog Trend Inspired by the Show

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will know who Tyrion Lannister is. You will also know what a dire wolf is. But did you know how this show is influencing an alarming trend for buying huskies, or dogs that resemble the dire wolves? This is just the latest example of how popular… Read More »

Everyone wants to know, should dogs sleep in your bed? The answer is here.

It might astound you to hear that approximately half of all pet owners share their sleeping spaces with their pets. I suppose it depends which side of the fence you are on – if you already do this, then of course you are going to view it as entirely acceptable. However, there are also people on… Read More »

Sparing a Thought for Police Dogs Today

Yesterday, another act of unthinkable human violence happened in London. This is the third terror attack in the United Kingdom in three months, and has made me think again about the invaluable job all police dogs do. Whether it be chasing down suspects, sniffing out explosives, or protecting their handlers, I can’t help thinking about the… Read More »