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My dog sheds excessively! Help!

My dog sheds excessively

Most dog owners will completely understand this. You know, the giant tumbleweeds of hair that clump together and then get under every awkward space in your home. Or the stuff that clings to every single piece of exposed fabric – the carpet, the couch, the bed….and don’t get me started on the car! Are you constantly thinking my dog sheds excessively?

We all love our pooches, and this is a part of life with dogs. Just because we complain a little about dog hair, doesn’t mean we love our dear pets any less. But imagine if there was something specifically designed to stop dog hair shedding?

Of course there are numerous types of brushes and combs that help get the hair off your dog, but they won’t actually stop your dog shedding. 

Can I stop my dog shedding so much?

Strictly speaking, not entirely, but I came across this fantastic product which goes a long way towards controlling where all the hair ends up.

Let me introduce you to the Shed Defender, which is a unique type of dog suit. I’m going to anticipate what a lot of you might think initially, as I thought exactly the same….surely my dog is going to be uncomfortable in that thing. But please keep reading, because I did and I was truly amazed at the remarkable features of this product.

(30 Day Risk Free Trial, FREE shipping in the USA, and very reasonable international shipping rates)

How did the Shed Defender come about?

One of the first things I thought when I saw the pictures was, that’s definitely only for small dogs. Well, it might surprise you to learn that this product was initially designed for a St Bernard! Tyson Walters came up with the idea, when his beloved St Bernard Harley was shedding everywhere. Imagine how much hair comes off a dog that size! It really was a case of my dog sheds excessively. Tyson couldn’t find anything on the market to help, so like all good inventors, he decided to create something himself.

Harley was the guinea pig, during the trial stage and tried out a number of different fabrics and designs until it was perfected. As you can imaging, lots of people asked about it when they saw Harley modelling it, and they wanted to know where they could get one.

Now it’s a very popular product, with loads of very happy customers – dogs and owners! Just take a look at what this satisfied customer said, and she works with pets for a living:

Recent Review for the Shed Defender


Brittney P.

 (Verified Buyer
LIFE CHANGING!!!! I work at a vet and pet sit and I tell everyone about this! Cut my cleaning down so much. Car is so much cleaner in general and easier to clean. My german shepherd can be on the couch and the bed, on my white bedspread. I thought of this years ago (I swear lol) and wish I invented it, nevertheless, such a great idea.
German shepherd dog
Stop my dog sheddingStop dog hair shedding

(30 Day Risk Free Trial, FREE shipping in the USA, and very reasonable international shipping rates)

How does the Shed Defender make your life easier?

For starters, it helps contain shedding dog hair and stops it flying all around the atmosphere and sticking to everything nearby like a magnet. Some great examples I can think of are

  • If you want to take your dog to a friends house, but they hate the dog hair that’s left behind after you visit
  • You just cleaned your car, and you want to keep it hair-free for as long as possible
  • Someone with a mild allergy to dog hair is coming to visit you, and you’ve vacuumed all the hair from your home, but what about the actual dog? The Shed Defender will help contain allergen’s while your visitors are there.

Any situation where you think: “I cannot do this because my dog sheds excessively”.

How does the Shed Defender make your dog's life better?

Let’s be very clear here – your dog doesn’t care two hoots about any of their hairs once they leave their body, nor where they end up afterwards. However, there are two other purposes for the Shed Defender, which are  more about benefiting your dog.

1. Protection of injuries and or wounds

We all know the importance of keeping wounds clean and dry, while they heal. Whether it’s an injury that your dog has picked up while out walking, a skin irritation or a surgical wound with stitches, they usually want to lick it. This slows the healing process right down, and may even cause an infection, which can be much more serious than the original ailment. Many dogs really don’t like the plastic cones the vets issue after surgeries, and if it’s a lesser ailment you might not even have a cone to help protect the affected area.  

This is where the Shed Defender onesie can be a real lifesaver. Your dog can wear it temporarily to keep any would or sore area dry, clean and well-protected. It’s much easier to stop any licking or worrying of the area. If you dog has/is undergoing treatment from your vet, please do double check they think a Shed Defender is appropriate for whatever condition your dog has.

Our German Shepherd hated the plastic cone, and would actually become very stressed by it. He wouldn’t lie down and would just stand with his head down, panting and salivating. This stress in itself can slow down healing too, so the cone was definitely not an option for us. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about this amazing dog suit at the time, so had to make do with bandages and watching him like a hawk! It sure would have been a godsend for us, as he had a fair few operations to content with.

2. Comforter

Not sure if any of you have come across the ThunderShirt, which is another type of suit designed for dogs who experience stress and anxiety. Particularly useful in situations where loud noises can spook a dog, the pressure of the suit acts as a comfort to the dog. Many dog owners have found these good during thunder storms and when fireworks are likely (4th July, for example). Anyway, the Shed Defender acts in a similar way, providing a very gentle pressure around the dogs body, helping them to feel more secure and less anxious.

What else you need to know

What’s the Shed Defender made of?

You might think your dog would overheat in the summer with this onesie suit, but the fabric is lightweight and totally breathable, so your dog stays at a normal temperature with it on – your dog will stay cool and comfortable with it on. The premium fabric is 4-way stretch and moves with your dog, so they won’t feel restricted at all. 

What happens when they need the toilet?

At first glance, that’s going to be an obvious question everyone will ask! But the suit has a zip that runs from the chest to the tail, so unzip, and hey presto, they can go about their business. You don’t have to take the whole thing off, which saves time and effort.

How do I clean it?

Here’s another great benefit – the Shed Defender is machine washable. It’s probably best to line dry it, but it can be tumble dried on low if necessary.

Still not sure?

The Shed Defender is veterinarian approved, and has numerous positive reviews. The manufacturers are so confident in the product, they offer a 30-day risk free trial on the product. They also have friendly and helpful customer service staff to answer any questions or concerns you might have. It also comes in sizes ranging from mini to giant, so there’s one for every breed. No more thinking…help, my dog sheds excessively!

(30 Day Risk Free Trial, FREE shipping in the USA, and very reasonable international shipping rates)

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I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about the shed defender, and taken advantage of the coupon code. With this, and the selection of grooming tools, you won’t be saying “my dog sheds excessively” anymore!

20 thoughts on “My dog sheds excessively! Help!

  1. Hallo there Mara, 

    I have to say I am really impressed by the Shed Defender. The moment you introduced it, I was like how comfortable is it? How will the dog handle the urge to take a pee and stuff while it had it on? And so many other questions.

    But your post has answered all of them very well.

    My dog has been having shedding problems for a good deal of time now and I no longer take him with me when I visit my friends or folks because of the excess shedding.

    But as I was reading this post, I was imagining how that is now going to be possible and the much fun it will be traveling with him without the worry of leaving the hair on my car seats.

    I sure have to give this defender a go.

    Thanks a lot for the recommendation. It is going to go a long way for me. 🙂

    1. No worries Dave. Thanks for taking a look and I’m glad I answered all your questions. let me know how you get on with it. Mara

  2. Hi Mara, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have a dog who is shedding too much and I never thought about this. I will definitely order one shed defender as I also see that free shipping is available in the USA. Thank you a lot for sharing, I am gonna share my experiences once I use it on my dog.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      That’s great and I’m glad you’re going to give one a try. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, and the free shipping in the USA is a bonus for sure. I hope your dog likes it, and feel free to come back here and shore your thoughts once you’ve tried it. Mara.

  3. This sounds very unique, the first thing that comes to mind though is, do they need to wear it all the time? 
    How would you clean it?

    I can definitely see the benefits of this, my little one sheds a lot and his hair is super short and really itchy. I have tried a bunch of different items for him, I love the gloves, but I have never seen this before.

    I will be interested to get the answer on my questions and then decide from there.

    1. I think every dog owner is different, but I wouldn’t put a dog in it too often. They also need fresh air around their coat and skin. However, the Shed Defender is really good for car journeys to keep the spread of dog hair to a minimum. Don’t know about you, but I fine dog hair so difficult to get off car upholstery, so this is where I use my Shed Defender the most. Cleaning isn’t too bad. Once you take it off, leave it inside out, give a good shake outside to get most of the loose hairs off. Then the best thing is to run a lint roller over it quickly, before shoving it in the washing machine. I still think you save more time this way than you would spend cleaning up the dog hair without the Shed Defender. These were great questions, so hopefully I’ve given you the answers you were looking for. Best wishes, Mara.

  4. What a great idea! At first glance I thought the onesie looked a bit outlandish but after reading through I came to see how this product could come in handy for so many situations, especially wound protection vs. a plastic cone. My one concern is how easily the hair comes off the onesie once it is removed from the animal. Is the shed hair somewhat easy to remove before putting it in the wash machine? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon and thanks for your question. Yes, the hair is easily removed before washing, and the best way to do this is with a roller, just like the ones you would use for your own clothes. (Lint Rollers) Turn the suit inside out, give it a good shake outside, then it’s really easy to quickly run over with a lint roller before throwing in the washing machine. Mara

  5. The Shed Defender,

    Hmm, I was reading with great interest until I came to the part where doggy needs the loo.

    So every time it needs to go, you do the unzipping or you train your dog to unzip itself?  I feel that though the Shed Defender is lightweight, which is a great plus, it needs to be modified, so you do not need to hang around your dog everytime, it needs to go loo…

    But apart from that, brilliant idea!

    1. Hi Stella and thanks for reading my article about the Shed Defender. I think it’s fine in it’s current form and doesn’t need to be modified. It depends on how much shedding is an issue for the owner, and most dogs don’t go to the toilet that often – but I agree for an older dog or one that needs to toilet frequently because of some issue, then the suit might be less convenient. 

  6. All thanks to the inventor. This sure looks good. Although I have never really own a dog but I can imagine what stress one has to go through to get rid of the hair. Well I feel this should be used mostly when traveling and not particularly indoors. Because I feel the dog will also want to enjoy the feel of fresh air. But it is a nice innovation though. Thank you for sharing 

    1. Hi there. Even though you don’t actually own a dog, I think you agree with me that it is a great option for temporary use for certain occasions. I also agree most dogs must like the feel of fresh air on their coats. Thanks for reading and sharing your views.

  7. Doggie clothes! I love it, Mara, awesome product! I come from a family of dog lovers, and yes, one of the main gripes is FUR. Fur EVERYWHERE. I’ve seen plenty of doggie outfits, and like you said, I’ve wondered how comfortable that is for the dogs. I will say though, most of my observation has shown me happy dogs that seem unaffected by their clothes, so I’m not opposed to the idea at all.

    ESPECIALLY if it keeps fur off the couch!

    I’ll be referring my family to your site, they have GOT to check this out. I have no doubt they’ll be interested in reducing the amount of vacuuming they have to do every day. lol

    Thanks for the informative and entertaining blog, I wish you great success. Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thank you so much Bobby – you’ve made my day with your feedback! I’m so glad you found the information helpful, and enjoyable top read. That’s why I do this. I really appreciate you sharing this with other people too. Have a super day, Mara.

  8. The Shed Defender seems like a very useful accessory for shedding dogs. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t use it indoors or outdoors because I couldn’t pet my pup right, but it would be extremely helpful while travelling, so the car wouldn’t be filled with hair. Also, as you said, it would be a great alternative for the plastic cone. I mean, who would feel comfortable with that thing tied around the neck? 

    1. Hi Radu. Thanks for reading and I agree I probably wouldn’t use it 100% of the time, but it definitely could be good for car journeys, visiting someone else’s house or like you say, instead of a horrible plastic cone! Mara

  9. Awe!! They look very comfortable actually, they look happy! And this is a good idea, for the shedding issue and to keep them from itching and licking their wounds. It seems like it’s much better than those stupid cones! I had my dachshund fixed about a month ago, and she absolutely hated the cone the vet gave me. I felt so sorry for her so I went and bought one of those blow up donut ones, it worked much better, but this body suit looks like it would work even better than that.

    1. Thanks Buffy – I agree the dogs wearing the Shed Defender look happy and comfortable. I hope your dachshund is doing well, and she is feeling better now. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here, Mara.

  10. I love the idea, Unfortunately, I do not have a dog but three cats and believe me they can be worst than dogs when it comes to leaving hairs anywhere and everywhere. Especially when I have darker tone blankets, bed cover or even clothes it’s a disaster and now I have decided to just use very light colored blankets at least I won’t see it!! I have to ask do you know if I can apply the same to the cats? I would love to give it a try this would be the perfect solution

    1. Hi Barbara, I know there are some cat owners who use the smallest dog size, as I’ve seen their pictures on Twitter. However, I also found this one specifically for cats if that helps

      I hope you find something that works for your cats. Thank you for taking a look and sharing your opinions. Mara

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