Indoor Dog Toys

There are times during the year, winter or simply rainy days, where we are likely to spend more time indoors with our dogs. But they still want to play, right? However, you don’t necessarily want to bring all their outdoor play things inside, or start throwing around things that are going to cause breakages or too much mess in the house. (We all know that having dogs will always create a little bit of mess – but we love them for it!). So, what to do when your all indoors together? Here are a few of my favourite dog toys suitable for playing with indoors. Feel free to add in your own favourites by commenting at the bottom of the page – I might even add them to this page so other dog owners can see what’s good!

Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope Toy

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Size: Medium/LargeMultipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope Toy

Average customer rating: 8/10 

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What exactly is it?

not too much to say about this one, as the picture really says it all. It’s a heavy duty rope toy designed for dogs who like to tug, chew and fetch

  • Designed for pets that are tough on their toys
  • Heavy duty and should last for a long time
  • Natural colours
  • This is only our own experience here, but our rope toy stood up well to the jaws of our German Shepherd, albeit we had one bigger than this. The only downside is that it got really stinky after a lot of chewing and they aren’t that easy to wash!

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Chuckit! Indoor Ball

Size: 4.7″ diameterChuckit! Indoor Ball

My rating: 9/10 

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What exactly is it?

A softer ball, made with lightwieght BounceflexTM Core Technology with chenille fabric on the outside. Good for quieter and safer indoor play – less danger of damaging anything inside your house! Suitable for medium-sized mouths and soft enough for large-breed puppies

  • Soft and resilient construction for playing indoors – great is it’s wet outside!
  • The chenille outer is like a shag-pile carpet to absorb sound and give a great texture to the ball
  • Still has a firm center, so there is something for dogs to “grab on to”
  • Not for un-supervised play, as some dogs may chew itChuckit! Indoor Ball Play
  • Not ideal for small dogs or puppies

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