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Hero Dog Stories – JeSuisChien, I am Dog

Deisel the decorated police dog
Perhaps you have already heard about Diesel, the police dog who sadly lost her life in the line of duty after the Paris bombings jin November 2015. If not, this is one of those “tug at the heartstrings” hero dog stories.

She has been in the news often, caused a trending sensation on Twitter with #JeSuisChien, getting a lot of airtime on a BBC Radio 2 talk show, as well as huge coverage in newspapers and online. Deservedly so!

If you haven’t yet heard of her, she was a 7 year old Belgian Shepherd. During the French police raids to track down the perpetrators of the Paris attacks, she was sent in first to sniff out any booby traps, before her human colleagues entered a particular building. A woman who was inside proceeded to rush out firing an AK47  and then detonated her suicide vest. Diesel didn’t have a chance and was killed in the explosion.

Deisel the decorated police dog

I don’t know how you all feel about this – these dogs are trained to do a particular job and they do it very well. They are viewed as colleagues by serving officers and they develop very close bonds with their handlers. So it must be like losing a family member or very close friend when they pass away. How do I know this? My husband is a serving police officer and we know many dog handlers within the force.

So Diesel, I salute you – as I’m sure many others all over the world do. Thank you for your bravery and courage. And may you continue to be a universal symbol of the amazing work of police dogs.

2 thoughts on “Hero Dog Stories – JeSuisChien, I am Dog

  1. Wow. I know a couple months already passed by, but this is my first time hearing about Diesel. I understand that police dogs are for this type of particular job and the job includes going before the human to protect them. But I have mixed feelings about it. It is sad to see that sometimes dogs behave better and more loyal than humans. I truly believe that everything GOD gives us is for us to learn from and dogs are definitely a gift from Him. Thanks for sharing the story. It really made me stop and think about life. Are german shepherds the only type of breed police use?

    1. Hi Young,
      Thanks for stopping by and reading this article. These dogs are specially trained for a tough job, but I still think it’s OK to be sad when something bad happens. The police use all sorts of dogs – Diesel was a Belgian Shepherd, and German Shepherd are very common. I’ve also seen Spaniels and Labradors involved, particularly for “sniffing” or bomb disposal duties.I agree that dogs are a gift!
      All the best, Mara.

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