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Dogs and the Power of Healing

Warrior Canine Connection Charitable Organisation

It truly is amazing how animals can help humans heal and give them unspoken support to face traumas in their past or present. Dogs are awesome for this purpose and there are well documented cases all around the world that give evidence that they make a difference to our soul, when times are troubled.

There’s an organisation in the USA that truly warms my heart, because the work they do with dogs and veterans is wonderful. Warrior Canine Connection is helping a number of veterans, by getting recovering people to help train service dogs for other veterans, who maybe aren’t yet in the same place and still struggling to reconnect with their former lives.

The organisation uses a “Mission Based Trauma Recovery model” to help former warriors to deal with and move past the stress of military combat. The ultimate aim is to help them adjust back to a normal life (or as normal as it can be) with their own families, the communities they live in and life in general.

Dogs play a key role in this recovery and shift back to life, at a number of steps. Right from building a connection with a puppy, through to training the animal as they move into doggy adulthood, the process is in itself a healing one. The results of the precious relationship manifest both in terms of physical and mental improvement.


However, that’s not the end of the story. The training programme they go through together produces wonderful service dogs, who go on to support veterans with disabilities.


The diagram below, taken from their website, shows just how the Warrior Canine Connection model works and why the process is such a wonderful one.

Once I can generate enough income from this website, this organisation will definitely be one of my chosen charities to support – when that happens I will update this article to let my readers know. In the meantime, if it’s a cause you want to support, you can do so via their website. There’s also a great video on their Facebook page, so feel free to go and have a look – the stories are so human and their work makes such a difference to so many.

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to this organisation, or maybe you have already heard of them. Feel free to share your thoughts, by commenting below – or if there are other dog-related charities you feel strongly about, please do let me know. Perhaps I can give them a little write up too – every little bit helps!

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