Dog Training Aids

Training a new puppy, or even an older dog that’s new to your home, can be a trying time. Patience and consistency are always key, as well as a keen set of eyes during house training! You have to have your wits about you for a start, to look out for the little signals dogs give when they need to go to the toilet. For example, circling, sniffing the ground, or just plain disappearing behind the chair – these are all some of the little signs that tell you they need outside, or to their potty training area.

Some people manage fine without any training aids, but others may need some extra help. This is especially the case if you can’t be around all the time, and your puppy or dog is going to need the toilet. There’s no shame in this, as everyone’s circumstances are different – we all learn as we go along!

I will add more training aids here in the future, but for now I think house breaking is one most people might need help with first and foremost.


All-Absorb 100 Count Training Pads

Size: Medium – 22 x 23 inchesAll-Absorb 100 Count Training Pads

Average customer rating: 8.6/10

I would add here that these would also be an excellent support for ageing dogs who may be starting to lose some of their bladder control and aren’t able to get up and outside quickly anymore)

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These are amazing, and I would almost describe them as a necessity for house training puppies. The pads have 5 layers of material, each with a slightly different purpose for maximum benefit to you and your puppy or dog.

  1. non-woven cloth to let urine pass through to the inner absorbent area quickly
  2. made of paper tissue, this layer has a special “dog-attractant” (to make it more attractive to go there!) plus baking soda
  3. this is where the action happens – an ultra absorbent core, which sucks up the urine and instantly turns it into a gel – sounds like magic, right? Well, it kind of is – constructed of a special mix of polymer and fluff pulp, which can hold up to 3 cups of liquid.
  4. also made of paper tissue
  5. the necessary waterproof layer, to prevent moisture getting through to your floor



  • Really quick drying top layer, meaning your puppy or dog isn’t going to drag wet paw prints through your home
  • Can absorb a lot of liquid (up to 3 cups), converting the urine into gel
  • The baking soda helps neutralize any smelliness


  • These are not an “inside toilet” for your puppy or dog – so please don’t use them as that. They are a training aid only!
  • Take care with large-breed puppies or dogs – by their very nature everything about them is bigger, including their urine output. You will need to change them more frequently than with smaller dogs and puppies.


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