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What should I think about re dog toys for small dogs?

Dog toys for small dogs

Dogs are fundamentally fun animals and love playing – whether entertaining themselves , interacting with their owners or playing with other dogs. It has been said that great things come in small packages, and small dogs are no exception. So what should you think about regards dog toys for small dogs?

Dog toys for small dogs

For small-breed dogs and young puppies, extensive walks are too much exercise. Or maybe you have a particular dog that doesn’t really like standard exercising (I haven’t met too many dogs that fall into this category, but I know that some do!). For these smaller dogs and young puppies, toys can be a good way to have shorter, sharper bursts of activity. But with so much out there, what do you need to think about before you buy?

The number one consideration is always safety, followed pretty closely by enjoyment – otherwise what’s the point of a pet toy? For your small dog or puppy, don’t choose anything that

  • is so large it could hurt their mouth
  • is made of a such a hard substance that they could hurt themselves if they start to throw it around
  • has pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed, including strings, ribbons, plastic eyes etc
  • is so small they may choke on it

In general, it’s best to throw out any toy once it’s past its use by date – and by that I mean it has started to fall apart. Once this happens, it’s more likely your dog will ingest something undesirable (e.g. synthetic stuffing, plastic squeaker). No-one likes unexpected visits to the vet, least of all your pet.


8 thoughts on “What should I think about re dog toys for small dogs?

  1. Hi Mara,
    what a great idea to provide information for dog owners around dog toys. We run a home rescue and have 6 babies. Two little jack Rus x who are the oldest and they love their balls. I didn’t realize how much thought you had to put into buying toys for your dogs until we had over four.
    what would you recommend as your best picks?

    thanks for this information especially for the dog lovers

    1. Hi Layne,

      Thanks so much for visiting my site and I love that you have rescue doggies. My top 3 picks would be the Chuckit Flying Squirrel, the Chuckit Indoor Ball (2nd on the page), and the Kong Classic Dog Toy – with the only additional piece of advice being make sure your get the right size. Most of the toys featured on my site are available in various sizes, so just ensure that you select the best match from the Amazon site. I hope this helps with your lovely family, but if you would like any further information, please just come bask and ask.

      Mara 🙂

  2. Hi Mara,

    What a nice and interesting article, I was absorbed by the reading! I didn’t know that some toys could hurt a small dog. I had so many dogs in my life and hopefully, it never happened that my dog got hurt by a toy. Today I have two big dogs, so I guess it is not relevant for me:) But my sister is going to adopt a small dog and I will definitely show her this awesome article! I have bookmarked your website so we can read it attentionally later on.
    Thank you very much

  3. Good advices on what type of toy to choose for a small dog. It’s good too to mention the toys to avoid, toys that can harm our little puppies! There is so much choice out there, it’s not easy to decide what’s best for them. It would have been good also to have maid a short selection of your prefered toys, to have some examples.

    1. Hi David. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Once I have completed a bit more research into the toys out there specifically for small dogs, I will definitely be making recommendations to give examples. Thanks again, Mara.

  4. I agree totally with your post on toys for small dogs. Our dog is small for a Chow Chow. Some might consider her the runt of the litter but we shower her with plenty of dog toys. We are quite mindful of rotating out her toys that seem unsafe. These toys we get do get pretty beat up after a while and if left unchecked can pose a true danger. Great advice here on this post and hopefully this information reaches the right people and their beloved pets. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mark. It’s great to hear about your own experience with your little Chow Chow, and it certainly sounds like you are doing everything right in terms of safety. Happy playing!

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