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It’s quite common for our lovely dogs to be labelled as aggressive chewers, and it’s not just the big dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers that can fall into this category! Pit bulls also seem to want toys to chew and get their teeth into, and it’s not unknown for some of the smaller breeds to have power jaws for their size either!

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at what the strongest toys are, for which I have some reviews below. I’ve also noticed that many people include the word “indestructible” in their Google searches for aggressive chew toys. But, I don’t think there is any such thing – unless it’s made of concrete!

Scrolling through customer comments and reviews right across the web, there is always someone, somewhere, with a dog that has managed to chew into or through a tough toy. So, I’m not going to make a promise that I can’t keep – that wouldn’t be fair on you!

However, what I can give you with the below reviews are toys that stand up better than most to aggressive chewers. Will they last forever – very unlikely! But, they will last longer than most other chew toys so you won’t have to buy new ones as often and your dog can get lots more “chew time” enjoyment out of them.

Premium Elk Antler dog chew

Size: Large pack of 2, for dogs 25 lb and over

Note: antlers are a minimum 6-12 inches long, and the shorter the length the thicker the antler is likely to be

Weight: 13 oz

Average customer rating: 9.6/10

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Pit bull chewing Elk Antler toy


Premium Elf Antler Dog Chew ToyArguably, I’m not sure if this is a treat in the form of a chew, or a toy for chewing! Either way, it is for the enjoyment of aggressive chewers!

I have to say that these are one of the most natural chew products you will find around. They are real antlers, from real free-ranging elk in the USA, who naturally shed them during the course of their life.

They are then hand-collected from the forest floor. In my opinion, this is recycling at its best! Not only that, but only the best antlers are collected, which is why the seller describes them as “premium Grade A” elk antlers. This ensures the freshest and longest lasting antler, and your dog gets much more chew time.



Features Benefits
A source of natural vitamins and minerals Because these antlers come from a natural environment, they are a fantastic source of calcium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. Coming from an animal source, they are much more suited to your dog than chemically manufactured vitamins and minerals.
Natural tartar control Just like chewing on a big bone, these antlers will naturally help keep tartar away through the friction created during the chewing process – natural antler on natural tooth, what could be better!
100% satisfaction guarantee The seller is happy to refund you purchase in full if you, or your dog, are not happy with these antlers.


  • German Shepherd chewing Elk Antler toyIdeal for indoors. They last a long time, and don’t leave horrible residues on your floors – no grease and no stickiness.
  • These are whole antlers – you may have come across split antlers for sale as well. What’s the difference? Whole antlers are less likely to splinter, so are ultimately a safer choice for your dog. Another point to note, is that split antlers won’t last as long because they open up the marrow part of the bone, which is softer and easier to chew. Whole antlers will last a lot longer!

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  • These are a hard, natural substance so if your dog bites down excessively hard it could impact on their teeth. Here are some helpful safety recommendations from the seller – and remember that dogs should always be supervised with a chew toy to prevent any unforeseen accidents.

Elk Antler safety precautions

Extreme Dog Toy from KONG

Size: Large (but comes in a range of sizes and 2-packs)

Weight: 7.8 oz

Average customer rating: 9.0/10

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KONG Extreme Dog Toy


Dog with KONG Extreme ToyKONG has a fantastic reputation, for a wide range of toys (see more here). This is designed to be a more durable version of the original.

Made from a rubber compound, it is bouncy as well as strong enough to last longer in the jaws of power chewers.

Also has a hollow cavity that can be stuffed with treats for even more fun.




Features Benefits
Used world-wide by professional dog trainers It’s considered such a good toy that K9 units in both the military and police use it to assist with their training methods.
Unusual Shape The shape gives a bounce action that is unpredictable, making it more fun for your dog. It’s not so easy to say where it’s going to land or roll!
Made in the USA Quality manufacture using rubber that is both ultra-strong and ultra-durable, to give you a long-lasting and safe toy for dogs who like to chew!


  • All KONG toys have recommended sizes for different breeds and depending on what stage of life they are at. If your dog is a really aggressive chewer, many dog owners recommended going another size up from the KONG guide. (You might have to enlarge the image a bit to see everything- it’s so comprehensive!)

KONG Sizing Guide

  • One customer even ran it over with his lawnmower and it survived!

KONG Extreme survives attack by lawnmower!

  • The packet comes with useful dosage instructions on the reverse, based on your dog’s weight.




  • Let’s face it folks – rubber can sometimes smell pretty bad! Some dogs don’t really mind about the smell, but others may do, so try soaking in warm (not hot!) soapy water for a good few hours to dampen some of the smell. It will dissipate over time as well.
  • Beware cheaper imitations! There are people who have come across toys that are advertised as KONG, but are NOT genuine. The links on this page will take you to the correct product, so if you find something at a cheaper price, just be careful.


Size: For dogs over 50lbs (Nylabone call it “Souper” size, but their sizing classifications are a bit weird)

Weight: 6.4 oz

Average customer rating: 8.8/10

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Nylabone Dura Chew


This chew toy has been designed especially for dogs who are power chewers. It’s made from nylon (hence the Nylabone name) which is both tough and long lasting.

By it’s nature, nylon bristles as it’s chewed, which act as little toothbrushes for your dogs teeth, helping promote good dental hygiene. It also has a textured surface, which gives extra sensations to your dog’s mouth. It’s a bit more interesting than a plain, flat surface.



Features Benefits
Comes in different flavors This one is bacon flavored, which many dogs find delicious. However, don’t fear if your dog prefers other tastes, because it also comes in chicken, liver and peanut butter flavors. Or if your dog is a little fussy, there is an original as well, which is plain.
Made from nylon Nylon is a man-made material, which is designed to be tough. So by its very nature, it tends to last longer than many other materials.
Carries the Dura Chew name Dura Chew products are especially made for powerful chewers, so you know this is designed to be tough!


  • The flavors go all the way through – when these are made, the flavors are infused right through the product, not just on the surface. This keep your dog chewing for longer.
  • Made in the USA, as a mark of a quality product made local to you.



  • These are not for puppies or senior dogs. They are for adult dogs, whose teeth are at their strongest. Steer clear if your dog has any dental issues at all, as this material is very hard.
  • Like any toy that gets smaller through chewing, please dispose of it before it gets small enough to choke on or swallow as a lump.



Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews. If you come across anything that you have found good for aggressive chewers, please let me know. I am always happy to add in new products to my lists.

Happy dog days! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    Interesting article with interesting products for aggressive chewers, dogs do like to chew. Some breeds do chew more than others, often dogs will chew when stressed and anxious. Home alone often dogs will chew, always good to have good chew products for your dog.

    My dog had a kong, he loved it when he was a puppy. Now that he is older he does not mess with it as much. He does love his chew bones, those are his favorite for when he gets his chewing urges

    1. Mara Post author

      Hi and thanks for reading my product review page. You are right about stressed and anxious dogs, or ones left alone being inclined to chew more – the difficulty is, they tend to chew non-dog products in this case – furniture, shoes, TV remotes etc! Having suitable chew toys available can go a long way towards preventing your dog chewing things you don’t want them to. You need to know your dog and the chew toys well though, as there can be dangers associated with un-supervised chew toys – especially once they get smaller.

      Best wishes, Mara 🙂


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