Some of the Best Dog Leashes for Large Dogs

If you currently own, or have ever owned a large dog, I’m sure you will totally get the need for a decent dog leash. It’s vital to have something that allows you to have control over your dog at all times, but is also comfortable for you. After all, no-one wants a nasty cut in the palm of their hand from a snaking piece of nylon! Believe me, I’ve seen some really bad friction burns because people haven’t had a suitable leash for their large dog.

Please don’t use flimsy retractable leads for your large dogs – I wouldn’t even use them for medium breed wither. I’ve seen a husky being walked on one of these, who proceeded to wrap around a power pole, a pushchair, a toddler and another dog and walker all at once. Fortunately they were all OK, but it could have been a recipe for disaster. They are just not made for the strength a large dog can exert!

So what are my recommendations for leashes for large breed dogs?



Size: For medium and large dogs, the manufacturer recommends their special 2-layered leash, for extra strength. It’s 6 feet long, by one inch wide.

Average customer rating: 9.8/10

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PetsLovers Premium Dog Leash


Before I get into describing this, I thought I’d mention that it’s the one we used on our German Shepherd Rocky, as soon as he was fully grown. He was 100lb at his heaviest, and It lasted 11 years! And he was a puller!! Now, I can’t promise that your one will last the same length of time, but this is one of the highest-rated products on Amazon that I have come across, which also speaks volumes about the quality.

PetsLovers Leash Special Double LayeringAvailable in a choice of colors, you can choose to stand out and be clearly visible. What’s really special about it is the double-layering technology, which makes it different to most other leashes available on the market. Because it’s made of nylon, it’s really lightweight and the handle has extra padding for the dog-walkers’ comfort.


Features Benefits
Double-layered technology Extra strength, without any of the added weight that rope or chain leashes have.
Padded handle Much more comfortable for the dog owner to use, and prevents friction burns of your large dog is a leash puller!
Extra-special guarantee The manufacturer gives a better than money-back guarantee. if you find it doesn’t work for you or your dog, or you are not satisfied with it, they will refund your money and let you choose between returning the leash to them, or donating it to a rescue center. That’s amazing!


  • Many customers say the packaging it comes in is so nice, that it makes a great gift for dog owners



  • Nothing from me – having used it firsthand and the fact it lasted so long with our big dog, I can’t fault it in any way. Not a single component had to be repaired or replaced over the 11 years we had it.


100% Genuine leather dog training leash

Size: One size fits all, and it’s 6 feet long

Average customer rating: 8.8/10

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Leather Training Leash in Packaging



Sometimes the simplest things can be just as good as hi-tech designer ones. I have to say this is the case with this dog leash. It’s made from leather which is a natural product, and incredibly strong. It’s the reason most equestrian products are made from leather too – for that extra strength and durability, without sacrificing comfort.

Leather Training LeashAnd sure, there are other leather leashes available. But the reason I’ve selected this one above the others is it’s hand-crafted in North America, which means they are beautifully finished. It’s such a great leash that many police and military dog handlers use it.




Features Benefits
Lifetime Guarantee If you are unhappy with this leash, you can return it for a full refund. This remains in place for the life of the product, which is the most meaningful guarantee you can get.
Premium Dog Clip Made from nickel-coated brass, this is a solid clip that won’t slip or un clip itself (and let’s face it, some of the cheaper versions do!)
Genuine full-grain leather The top-of-the-range leather used makes this a beautiful leash, both to look at and use. Because of this, it’s built to last for large dogs and in extreme conditions


  • Leather doesn’t attract dog hair. Some of the nylon and synthetic-material leashes attract dog hair like velcro!
  • It will also take getting a bit wet, because leather is a natural product
  • The quality of the stitching is excellent too – the mark of a high-quality product

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  • Some owners have reported that the product smells a bit funny when it first arrives. Being a natural product, unroll it and leave it to air off. It soon will!
  • One disadvantage of leather is it can appeal more to some dogs to chew on than nylon. It is related to rawhide remember, so it’s hardly surprising. So if your dog is inclined to chew on their leash, maybe look at one of the other options here.


ARIKON Heavy-Duty ADJUSTABLE Harness & LEASH system

Size: Large (Also available in medium, so make sure you click on the large option for dogs over 50 lb)

Weight: For dogs over 50 lb

Average customer rating: 8.4/10

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Arikon Harness and Leash System for Large Dogs


This is a well-designed and heavy duty combined harness and leash. Made from heavy-weight denim, it has quality stitching which makes it super tough and durable. It can be adjusted for a great fit on each individual dog, and the pressure lies on the chest strap rather than a neck collar. This is great if you have a dog that pulls, as it doesn’t put so much pressure on their throat and neck areas.

Please note though, that there is no such thing as a no-pull harness! A harness does not train your dog, you do – but this system can go a long way to helping you control and train a dog that pulls and does put less pressure on your arms too! Harnesses seem to work better in the majority of cases, as the dogs tend to be more responsive to feeling the pressure on their chest area.

Arikon Harness and Leash being worn by a Golden Retriver



Features Benefits
Solid construction Formed from two layers of tough denim, with a cloth layer on the inside, which goes next to the dog’s coat
Adjustable The large size of the harness and leash system can be adjusted to fit a chest girth anywhere between 23.5 and 35 inches
Quality stitching The stitching is neat and well-done, giving a great quality to the overall finish of this product


  • The package contains instructions on how to fit your harness and leash system.
  • It’s an Amazon best seller with plenty of great customer reviews

The Arikon is a best-selling dog harness

  • Very easy to fit and use

How to use the Arikon Harness and Leash System



  • It is made of denim, and requires to be soaked in brine before being used. This is to help soften the fabric and to ensure any dye runs out before you use it for the first time. I don’t think that’s a big problem for a product that’s designed to last, but some people might find it an inconvenience.


What about dog collars for large dogs?

I highly recommend SupaTuff collars for large dogs. They are great quality and durable, and were specially designed originally for working dogs. This means they are ideal for large breed dogs.

I would love to hear any of your top picks, for collars or leashes that you think are perfect for large dogs. Please leave any comments in the section below.

Happy walkies 🙂

6 thoughts on “Some of the Best Dog Leashes for Large Dogs

  1. I would always go for a harness over a collar. I had had incidences where I have had my dogs get scared and slip their collars and that is never good. I have also had dogs that pull and pull and the temptation to pull back sometimes when they have yanked your shoulder out of its socket for the umpteenth time is hard to resist. That is so bad for a human to yank on a lead that is around their dog’s necks. So dangerous and painful. I have also had a few instances where my dogs have fell into the lake, two different ones, a canal and a very much deeper puddle than we had anticipated. You would have to haul them out by their necks like a hangman’s noose. Very distressing. So Harnesses are strong and comfy and unlikely to come off in a watery situation. It was the long overgrown grass and weeds near the waters edge that gave the illusion of there being more land than there was. I think it is true that big dogs need bigger better and stronger leads and harnesses not only for them but their owners sakes. Then everyone is happier.

    1. Hi Andi,

      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and experiences. It’s feedback like this that helps other dog owners make decisions about what they need for their own dogs. This is especially true of they are new to dog ownership.

      All the best, Mara.

  2. I just have to comment because that face in your header is just so cute!

    I actually had a smaller dog. In fact, smallest dog. It was a chihuahua. But in saying that, when my chihuahua was excited about something and ran while I had him on the leash, I would have to use all my might to stay balanced. Otherwise, I would probably fall.

    So I can see the importance of good leash for a big dog for sure. This is great stuff.

    1. Hi Sally,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading this. I appreciate you sharing your own experiences and glad you like my header picture!

      Mara 🙂

  3. Hi, thanks for this great selection. I’ve been using a leather leash on our very large lab and she always seems to chew through it within a matter of months. I’m going to try the Petslovers premium leash based on your comments. Hope it lasts as long for me as for you! I’ll check your reviews of collars now as we usually use a harness, but could you recommend a collar for a large female lab to match the Petslovers leash? Thanks again for this great information.

    1. Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your comments, and hopefully the double-layered nylon PetsLovers won’t be as tasty to your lab! You ask a good question about collars, and this might sound weird but the same qualities that make the Petslovers leash good (i.e. that it’s made of nylon) I think would be uncomfortable as a collar. Take a look at my article on dog collars for large dogs. I would recommend the Perri’s Padded leather Dog Collar – it’s got a nice blue lining that would match the blue PetsLovers leash!

      Hope that helps, Mara 🙂

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