Dog Collars with Bling

I find it totally amazing what choices are available for dog collars today – there really is something to suit every dog, from basic and functional, to special purpose collars for training, to high-end designer collars, some of which truly sparkle.

Some of you may believe your furry pals have their own individual sense of style. Me personally, I think as long as it’s comfortable and fit-for-purpose it probably doesn’t matter too much to your doggy friend.

However, I fully appreciate that we as dog owners want to spoil our canine friends. So if you want to spend a little more on something special, then without a doubt, these are some of the best dog collars with bling!


What can be blingier than Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars

Here are just a couple of examples of the type of sparkles available for your dog:

(please note leashes are sold separately)



  • 4 Row Crystal CollarAvailable in 9 color options
  • Hand-made custom order, so takes up to 9 weeks for delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns and exchanges for 60 days

A truly magnificent example of sparkly bling! This collar is hand crafted from the high quality bridle leather from England, with a soft Italian hide backing for comfort.


wearing the 4 row crystal collarMade using world-renowned CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements. Known for their exceptional brilliance and perfection, this crystal collar comes with an official licensed identification, to guarantee the quality and authenticity.


==> see price and further details here






If you want some sparkle, but maybe something a little more understated, then this is the one for you.

  • Single Row Inset Swarovski Dog CollarAvailable in 8 color options
  • Hand-made custom order, so takes up to 9 weeks for delivery
  • Free shipping
  • Free returns and exchanges for 60 days

This collar features an elegant style with a single row of crystals set into the leather. Made from the same high-quality English bridle leather as above, and backed with soft Italian hide, this really marries up luxury and comfort.


Also made using world-renowned CRYSTALLIZED™ – Swarovski Elements and comes with the same certification as above, to guarantee authenticity.

==> see further details and price here




Bling Collars with Gems and/or Rhinestones

These designer collars will still stand out, but don’t have the same sparkly price tag as the Swarovski Crystal ones. So if you still want to bling your dog, but without breaking the bank these are a more modest option.


  • American Collar CollectionAvailable in 3 color options – red, white and blue of course!
  • Free shipping on orders over $30.00
  • Free returns and exchanges for 60 days

Made using finely crafted leather, inset with a series of brass stars, blue sand-stone, red jasper and white caboochons.

==> see more info here



  • Tiger Eye & Onyx CollarChocolate leather with tiger eye and onyx gemstones
  • Free shipping on orders over $30.00
  • Free returns and exchanges for 60 days

If you spiritually inclined. then legend has it that Tiger Eye has health benefits and encourages well being. Plus, it is said that it provides good luck and protection, especially during travels.

Along the same vein, Onyx is said to offer protection against evil spirits as well as helping to improve concentration.

It’s up to you if you buy into these benefits – it’s not something I can either prove or dis-prove! 🙂 But I did wonder if the Onyx might help a dog that has a short attention span during training sessions….perhaps!

==> find out more here




Personalized bling collars

  • Peronalized Bling CollarsMedium & Large sizes
  • 7 great color choices
  • Personalized through the addition of 18mm letters, and also charms if you choose (sold separately)
  • Free shipping on orders over $30.00
  • Free returns and exchanges for 60 days

Made from faux leather, this collar has Austrian crystals on the buckle. Can be completely personalized with your dog’s name and given extra glamour with the charms too.


==>see more about these bespoke collars






Because not all dogs have regular collars when out walking, there are also great harnesses available. So you can still also bling-it-up when out and about.

Beaded Strap Dog Harness Big Bow Tinkie Harness The Royal Stud




I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the options available. If you want to share other collars with bling that you have come across, please feel free to comment below.

Happy sparkles my friends!

10 thoughts on “Dog Collars with Bling

  1. They say 1 billion dollars is spent annually on animals. There definitely is a market for it. The collars are really nice, but a little too rich for my blood. I can totally see people putting these on dogs and cats though for sure. I love how Swarovski sparkles, such beautiful crystals!

    1. Hi Dawna and thanks for your comment. Dog owners come in all shapes and sizes, just like their dogs, and I know that these collars won’t be for everyone. Some will prefer something they view as more functional – I can’t imaging a working dog with a crystal collar, for sure! Thanks for reading though and it was nice to have you visit my site. Mara

  2. These collars are beautiful! I have a mongrel mutt dog, rough looking thing she is, but it would be hilarious to put her in a sparkly blingy collar. She’d probably hate me for it (she knows these things) but I’d get a bit of a laugh. I’m kinda worried about the jewels becoming dislodged, she gets a bit fired up when she plays with my neighbours dog. Are these collars sturdy enough to not fall apart when dogs are being dogs?

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Ha ha, you made me laugh describing your lovely girl! If your dog enjoys rough play, I would go for one of the leather ones with the stones embedded. The Rhinestone ones would be a good option. These are all designed to be sturdy, but I know some dogs play rougher than others! All the best, and I hope you find one you like, Mara.

  3. I love my dogs but these collars look like I’m putting a ring around their neck. I’m not trying to put a ring on my dogs paw or neck… Don’t people take there dogs to the dog park? I’m saying my dogs get dirty. These would surely be to fancy for my dirty playful pups.

    1. Hi Genevieve,

      Everyone is different and I agree these may not be for every dog owner. Some like these bling collars and others may choose to take more of a traditional view like yourself. If you prefer something strong and durable for active dogs, especially larger breeds, then take a look at the Supatuff range of collars. Your dogs could definitely get dirty in these ones!

      Here’s to lots of fun at the dog park, Mara 🙂

  4. Wow I love these dog collars they look great! Nice idea for my dog as a Christmas present, think she would look really glam and posh.

    Think the harnesses look great too.

    Really enjoyed watching the video the collars look stunning! Especially the charms that you can slide on. Will definitely recommend this site to all my friends who have dogs.

    Thanks for the information

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Thank you for taking an interest and sharing your feedback. I appreciate you sharing this with your friends!

      Have a lovely weekend, Mara.

  5. Great assortment of doggy collars, I must admit the sparkling ones are eye catching and unique compared to any doggy collars I have ever seen. I am wondering are these collars with the sparkles recommended and available for very large dogs such as a Rottweiler, my Rottweiler sure would look elegant wearing one of those sparkling collars everywhere we go.

    The other collars you display on your website are attractive enough but the sparkling collars do catch my eye and my interest the most. I like how unique they are, something no other doggy in my neighborhood has. Cool they are special ordered, worth the extra weight to me for my dog to be the talk of the town.

    Do you think a large Rottweiler would look proper in one of the sparkling collars, my Rottweiler is a male would he look like a sissy in one of the fancy sparkling collars.I thank you for your article today, it gave me a new experience with collars for my doggy I never would have known existed otherwise.I will share this article with all my doggy owner friends, my social media and my other internet sites.My friends also love unique doggy gifts to make their doggy stand out in the crowds, me and my friends do go to extremes to pamper our dogs, They are like family to us, our children not really a pet.

    1. Thank you very much for leaving this feedback. I thought these collars very unique and eye catching too! I suggest taking a look around all the Designer Collars available here, to find something just right for you Rottweiler. Some only go up to medium in size, but some go all the way up to extra large, so just check the sizing before you buy. There are plenty of “manly” looking choices available!

      All the best, and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

      Mara 🙂

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