Dog Collars for Large Dogs

Let’s face it, if you have a large dog, you need a decent collar for them. It’s imperative to have a collar and lead system that works well for you and your dog, to ensure you have control at all times. Unless you let go of the lead, then you’re on your own I’m afraid! I’m a big fan of leather collars, as they are a natural material and they tend to be comfortable for most dogs, as well as fairly strong. These ones are some of the best, and they have a money back guarantee. They are made in Australia, but don’t worry – they also have free worldwide shipping.



Quality Leather Dog Collars


These dog collars are some of the toughest around, having been specially developed in Australia. But don’t worry – they do ship pretty much worldwide! Virtually indestructible, they have the following features:


  • heavy duty and hard wearing – the manufacturer has never had an instance of one being broken
  • stainless steel fittings and d-clip, which means the strength of metal for the buckle, without any rust
  • triple-ply webbing, to withstand any climatic condition, whether wet or dry. As a result, these collars are very popular with hunting communities, utility dogs and working dogs.


In fact, the manufacturers are so confident in the durability they offer a 100% money back guarantee on these collars. Take a look at this video to see more about this great long-lasting product.