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Large dog accessories. My top collar pick.

Dog collars review

Do you own a large dog?

As a big dog owner, you cannot underestimate the importance of having the right large dog accessories. It’s so important to have everything the right size for your dog.

Have you had problems finding a collar that’s right? Once our German Shepherd Rocky graduated past the puppy stage, we invested in a hard-wearing leather collar. As a result we had one that lasted a lifetime! There are many different types of dog collar available to buy. If your dog is a fashion-conscious pooch, maybe they won’t stand for only having one collar. Or maybe it’s actually you who would like a range of collars to suit the seasons or co-ordinate with your own outfit. Whatever your dog collar needs, if you have a large dog then you need to think hard about what’s right. The main reason is so you always have good control when they are out and about. The right collar and leash together are what imperative for maintaining that control. Check out my number one recommendation here, dog collars for large dogs. What other considerations, besides the size of your dog, should you be thinking about when choosing a collar?

Is your dog outdoors a lot?

If you answered yes to the above question, you will need a collar that is weather proof. That means if it gets wet, it’s not going to rot. And if it’s hot and dry, it’s not going to crack over time.

Dog collars for outdoor dogs

There are some great leather products available and it is a natural product. I personally like leather, but in order for it to last (and continue to look good), it needs to be well looked after. For anyone that also moves in horsey circles, leather saddles require oiling and waxing to stay in top condition and a leather dog collar is no different. I think it’s worth taking care of your large dog accessories, especially if you choose to invest a little more to get good quality items.

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Without this care and attention, it will become hard, dry and be prone to cracking over time. A crusty, cracked collar will not be comfortable around your dog’s neck and if you have a large powerful breed, the leather may eventually break. That’s not good if if you’re out and about at the time! So, the upshot is I think leather a leather collar is good, provided you don’t mind spending a little bit of time caring for it.

Synthetic Materials for Large Dog Accessories

There are also some great man-made options out there. And while some people prefer a more natural approach, sometimes years of science and research can produce really good synthetic materials, that are more than fit-for-purpose. Consequently, you may find synthetic materials produce really strong large dog accessories.

Whatever the material, these are the best!

Take for example the Supatuff range of collars. Made in Australia, and shipped worldwide, the clue is in the name. These collars certainly live up to their title! 

For anyone that isn’t familiar with that part of the world, there are huge agricultural economies revolving around livestock. This means very high populations of working dogs, and the designers probably had this in mind when they developed these hard-wearing collars. Australia also has some particularly harsh climate conditions, particularly in the central areas where a merciless sun can often lead to very high temperatures, and the air is very dry and dusty. All the more reason for working dogs in these areas to have collars which are tough and hard wearing!

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From working dog to large dog accessories

The same qualities that make a good working-dog collar, also apply to those for large dogs, utility dogs and hunting dogs. These are all dogs who have strength and size – and as a result need strong accessories.

Large Airedale Terrier

I haven’t come across many dog collars that offer a 100% money back guarantee, but after taking a look at the Supatuff collar I completely understand the manufacturer’s confidence in doing so. Did you know they have never had  one single instance of a Supatuff collar being broken by a dog? Not torn, nor chewed through – and we all know that large dogs have pretty strong chewing abilities if they are that way inclined! In fact, these collars are hailed as literally indestructible. As a result, one of the best large dog accessories I’ve come across!

If you would like to share any thoughts, please do so below. I’m always happy to hear from my readers – maybe you have your own top pick you would like to share.

6 thoughts on “Large dog accessories. My top collar pick.

  1. Wow free worldwide shipping, that’s definitely a plus! I don’t really like to buy leather (I’m a vegan) but I noticed they do have a couple made of a different material. When I walk my pup, I don’t like to use a regular collar, but instead use a harness. I checked out their website and they have some really nice harnesses too!!k

    1. Hi Katie and thank you for taking a look at these collars. I’m glad you found some suitable harnesses and I do understand that leather may not be for everyone. Good wishes to you and your pup 🙂

  2. Hi there, I also have a dog site Fido and Daisy’s Favorites. They are my 2 weinner dogs. It’s nice to see other dog sites and it helps me with new ideas for my site. I’ve just started not so long ago. It helps to see other peoples websites. I really like yours it’s simple and clean great job.

    1. Hi Sylvie,

      Thank you for your nice comments and I wish you all the best with your own website. I have found your Facebook page and given it a “like”. I look forward to seeing more of what you do too.

      Have a rgeat day, Mara.

  3. Great info on collars especially for large dogs. I find two main things will ensure the collar lasts a lifetime:

    1) A good quality collar like you’ve described and
    2) A well balanced dog

    A well behaved dog won’t constantly pull and wear the collar down with over excitement and enerfy which extends the life of the collar significantly.

    When you’re dealing with large breeds, they are very powerful and can wear out even the sturdiest collar if their owners don’t establish some type of boundaries for them.

    I’ve seen owners literally wrap collars around their forearms as their 120lb terrors almost drag them on their ‘walks”, haha!

    Great blog!

    1. Hi Sam,

      Yes that’s so true about larger dogs being powerful and an untrained will definitely wear out a collar more quickly. Your comment about some owners being “dragged” on their walks made me laugh too! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      All the best, Mara.

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