Do you want to help animal shelter dogs, but can’t adopt?

Ways to help Teddy Food

If you’re a dog lover like me, I’m sure you go through similar thought processes – wouldn’t it be nice to win the lottery, buy some land and build awesome homes for dogs that are having to live in animal shelters? I often have these thoughts, and I just want to scoop up as many homeless dogs as possible and give them the love and care they all deserve. But, I also admit I’m a bit of a dreamer and at the moment these dreams of mine aren’t entirely practical.


Do you want to help homeless animals in shelters?

Teddy Food LogoI know there are many people out there who feel sorry for rescue dogs and would love to adopt, but due to personal circumstances they just can’t. But what if I told you there was another way to help? There is, and it’s called Teddy Food.

I think most of us are familiar with the idea of giving to charity – in our local area, the pet stores often have collection points where we can drop off some dog food, or a few extra toys, which are then taken to nearby animal shelters. And then there’s also the idea of cash donations to help animal shelters with their running costs. But now there’s a new project on the go, that aims to directly support individual animals, picked by you, and you can see them, wherever they are in the world. I think this is just amazing, and I love the idea so much I wanted to share it with you.

Let’s take a closer look at the project and then I can give you some detail on how it all works.


Who is behind Teddy Food?

The scheme is called Teddy Food, and has been started in Russia. Meet Teddy, who is the CEO.

Teddy, the CEO of Teddy FoodWhat does Teddy actually do?

Teddy helps to generate ideas, by encouraging the team of course! What better inspiration than to have a dog as the figurehead of the project. Now, of course we know dogs are pretty clever, but not so clever they can make all the decisions and pass them down to the mere mortals of the company. So let’s introduce the next level of command…


Pavel, Founder of Teddy FoodThe founder of this wonderful idea, and the person responsible for overall development is Pavel Kotosov. His wife Varya supports him in the project, and they have quite a team behind them.  One of the first things I wanted to know, was how the project started in Russia.

Obviously, Pavel and Varya come from there, but Pavel told me that the problem with homeless pets in Russia is an overwhelming one, and has driven them to take action to help these pets – cats and dogs alike.

However, they have a drive to make this a truly international project, and I agree with this completely. After all, what country doesn’t have homeless pets? They have already started on their international journey, and Teddy Food has links with animal shelters in a number of countries already.

Current countries Teddy Food works in

I know there are plenty of animal shelters in both the USA and the UK. But how do Pavel and the Teddy Food team plan to extend their idea to cross more international borders?

At the moment they are running a crowdfunding campaign, through Kickstarter. The money raised will allow them to start contacting animal shelters in other countries. You can read more about the Kickstarter campaign and how to support it: Click Here


What exactly is Teddy Food

The company mission gives a very good explanation of what the project is about…

“Teddy Food exists to give people an easy and reliable way to make the lives of homeless animals better and, more importantly, find homes for them”


Why use Teddy Food

But we need to take a closer look at how their process works, to understand the full capability of helping animals, including dogs, in shelters.

Teddy Food - How it worksA couple of things that add to the excitement of Teddy Food are:

The treat you buy can be a number of different things. It could be some food, a toy, some special care like a grooming session or medical supplies, or even a visit – the choice is yours!

My favorite part is the live streaming, so yes, you can actually see the pet you have selected and check in on them regularly. How amazing is that!

Here is an example below of some of the dogs currently supported by Teddy Food. I have become really partial to Baikal, who was knocked down by a train and only has three legs. But that doesn’t get him down and he’s super cute. I quite often check-in on him using the live feed camera, just to see what he’s up to and to send him some love.

Some of the dogs currently supported by Teddy Food

I know some of you may think that setting up a live feed to see the animals is perhaps a use of funds that could be better spent supporting the animals, but I support the idea, because Pavel and his team have to have your trust in order to maximize the level of support they can gain online, because it’s done remotely I think this trust is really important, and will help people believe in the project and as a result more people are likely to support it. There’s also something super special about being able to see the animal or animals you have chosen to support. They are also 100% accountable for all monies spent through Teddy Food, publicizing details on each pet’s news feed. We definitely like transparency when it comes to charitable causes, so I think this is also great.

Newsfeed of help given to Teddy Food


You can read more about Teddy Food at their website: www.teddyfood.com


A truly social project

There’s one more step to Teddy Food, which makes it a truly social project.

Eraning points and titles with teddy Food donationsEach time a person supports a pet at one of the shelters, they get assigned points and a title. So the more support is offers, the more this grows. The idea is that you can gain kudos by sharing this with friends. family and hopefully on social media.

It all helps get the word out about Teddy Food, the wonderful idea behind it, and the work they are doing to help animals who are not very fortunate at the moment.

So, I urge you to take a look at the project, make a donation if you can either to the Kickstarter crowdfunding project, or by treating a pet of your choice.

But even more importantly, please, please share this on social media. The hardest thing for charitable causes is to get the word out about their projects, so we all need to do as much as possible to help them, and ultimately the dogs and cats in animal shelters around the world. Not everyone can afford donations, but perhaps we can all afford a little bit of our time to tell people about this project. You can do it, for the benefit of homeless animals – they need you help!

The links again are:

Teddy Food Website

Teddy Food Crowdfunding Campaign

Thank you for reading this, and from my own perspective I appreciate anything you can to to help Teddy Food. If you wish to leave any comments or share your thoughts, please do so below.


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