I just love these! Some of them are truly Christmassy and others fit the bill as a gift because of their style. They are great for your own dogs to wear on Christmas Day or to give as a present to someone else’s dog. These are definitely some of the coolest Christmas outfits for large dogs!



Available in:

Available in the USA   Available in the UK

Moose Hooded Dog SweaterSize: XXXL  (with a back length of 36-38″; or to fit a dog of 80-120 pounds in weight)

Average customer rating: 7/10

==> price check it and buy here: USA or UK




Grab everyone’s attention with this awesome handmade dog sweater. Handmade from 100% wool, this sweater will keep your pooch cozy during winter days but is breathable to prevent over heating.


Features Benefits
100% Wool Well-known for it’s breathable qualities, wool is a natural fiber and will temperature adjust to keep your dog comfortable at all times.
Hand Made Each garment is made to fair trade agreements and being hand made, is original and unique.
Organic Plant Dyes No nasty chemicals used at all to color the garment, which has to be a good thing for something your dog is going to wear next to their skin.


  • Chilly Dog Sweaters are Made in the USAMade in the USA
  • Helpful sizing chart below, so you can get the measurements just right for your large dog


 Chilly Dog Sweater Sizing Guide

Chilly Dog Sizing Chart



Size: Extra Large (to fit approximately 20 inches along the back of your dog)

Weight: < 10 ounces

Average customer rating: 9.2/10

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Reindeer Christmas Sweater for Large Dogs   Alternate View of Christmas Reindeer Sweater


A lovely Christmas-themed sweater, which would make a really nice gift for your doggy friend from Santa! Will definitely keep your dog warm and cozy this winter.


Features Benefits
100% Acrylic Soft and hard wearing, for a warm and comfortable garment.
Christmas Design Your dog will really fit into the festive spirit with this jumper.
Machine Washable Easy care garment that can easily be cleaned and re-worn.


  • Has a convenient hole in the neck area for your leash
  • Lots of customers have commented on how well made this sweater is, and that it has a cut-away area under the belly to make it easier to walk in



  • Please stick to the measurements provided, so you’re not disappointed. Just like human clothes, not all XL are the same, and if the measurements are too small for your large dog, then please pick something else from this page. The sizes definitely do vary across manufacturers! Here is the sizing guide for you:

Sizing Guide for Reindeer Christmas Sweater

Adidog Outfit for Dogs at Christmas

Size: 7XL

Adidog Sizing GuideThis means approximately a back length of 25.5 in – neck girth of 21.5 in and chest girth of 33.4 in. Please measure your dog before buying, as per the guide below, because not all manufacturers grade their sizes in the same way. There are other sizes available too if the 7XL is not right.

I would also recommend going one size up to allow extra comfort for your dog – you don’t want it too snug!

Weight: 1 pound

Average customer rating: 7.8/10

**note: beware of imitations – you can tell as in the comments the sizes are way too small for most dogs**

==> price check it at Amazon

Adidog Outfit for Dogs


A high quality jumpsuit made from soft and cozy fleece fabric. What is quite unique is that it is four-legged – most dog outfits are only two-legged.

This doesn’t have Christmas motifs all over it, but so what. Who wouldn’t love this take on an Adidas outfit for a dog?  There are different color options too.



Features Benefits
Snap-button fastenings Easy to take on and off your dog, but strong enough to stay closed when it’s meant to.
Soft cotton material Keeps your dog warm and cozy during the colder months, but very comfortable to wear.
Four-legged design This is quite a unique feature for a doggy outfit. Designed especially for larger dogs and made to go on all four limbs for extra warmth.
Adidas stripes Very trendy and looks stylish, with a great motif on the back.



  • Adidog QualityWell-made and quality is great with good attention to detail.
  • Many owners of large dogs struggle to get something that fits, but almost all customers report a good fit from the range of sizes available. Remember my recommendation to go one size larger than the measurements, so there’s a bit more room. You don’t want this to be so snug that it restricts movement, and large dogs will require this when they are walking out and about.



  • Be sure to wash very gently, to ensure it lasts as long as possible. I would recommend a cold and gentle machine cycle, or hand washing.

Dog Sweater Moose Hoodie

Size: 3XX-Large  (to fit a dog of 80-120 pounds in weight)

Weight: < 10 ounces

Average customer rating: 8/10

==> price check it at Amazon

Moose Hooded Dog Sweater


Totally gorgeous gift for your dog this Christmas, this is 100% wool and all-natural. The dyes used to color the garment are organic plant dyes. Each garment is lovingly hand-made, so there is slight variation between sweaters, but this means your dog gets something unique.



Features Benefits
100% Wool Well-known for it’s breathable qualities, wool is a natural fiber and will temperature adjust to keep your dog comfortable at all times.
Hand Made Each garment is lovingly put together by hand, and made to fair trade agreements.
Organic Plant Dyes No nasty chemicals used at all to color the garment, which has to be a good thing for something your dog is going to wear next to their skin.


  • Cute hoodie in the likeness of a moose, for a bit of extra Christmas fun.
  • Very cozy, thick and warm, whilst still remaining breathable and comfortable to wear



  • A 100% woolen garment is not easy care. Please note that wool needs to be washed at a cool temperature (30 degrees or less) and shouldn’t be tumble dried – it will shrink! However, it’s not a high price to pay for something that loads of dogs love to wear!

…or accessorize with a Xmas Scarf for your Dog

Chilly Dog Hand-Knit White/Red Scarf

Some other sweater options

Slightly less Christmassy, but would still make great gifts!

Chilly Dog Tattoed Mom Handmade Dog Sweater – XXX-Large

Chilly Dog Pink Flowered Skirt Handmade Dog Sweater – XXX-Large

Chilly Dog Black Skull Handmade Dog Sweater – XXX-Large

I hope you like my selection of good-quality Christmas jumpers for your dog. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. I would love to hear what you think.

Happy Doggy Christmas 🙂

  1. I dig your site. I am a dog person so when I see dogs wearing clothes it warms me bones.

    From elaborate halloween costumes to cozy sweaters. Dogs look cool wearing clothes.

    And according to research, dog clothes help them feel calm and less susceptible to stress.

    I used to have a German Shepard wear a dog backpack with a couple of water bottles when we go on adventures. He would carry his own dog bowl and baggie of his dried lunch too. It didn’t slow him down one bit. =)

  2. I have two big bullies that do not like having sweaters on. But my mom has two small dogs and always has issues with sweaters fitting them. Some are too tight around the shoulder area or some rub against the fur on the neck creating irritation. I am definitely going to pass this site on to her!
    Thank You so much for sharing!

    • You’re very welcome Nicole! I know not all dogs are partial to sweaters, but I really appreciate you forwarding onto your Mum. I hope she finds my site useful, and please tell her to get in touch should she have any questions. All the best and Happy Christmas to you and your pooches, Mara.

  3. You have cute pictures of dogs and I feel very happy by just looking at them. I love dogs when I was a kid but now I can’t have one because my son has an allergy and we are scared that it could be triggered.

    I really like your discussions about the Adidog! I never knew that there was this brand of dog apparel before.

    Your article will surely help dog owners and even Santa (Lol!), to easily decide what is the best Christmas gift for man’s best friend.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing your comments. It’s a shame your son has an allergy, but are you aware of the American Hairless Terrier breed? It was recognized as a new breed last year by the American Kennel Club, and has been specifically named as suitable for allergy sufferers. If you have a burning desire to have a dog, this one might be OK for your son to be around. I thought it would be worth a look for you anyway, since you love dogs so much.

      Have a happy Christmas, Mara.

  4. Being an owner of two Great Dane, it is so hard to find sweaters, etc big enough to fit them. I will have to measure them (my male is much bigger than my female so maybe if nothing else it will fit her…). I love the idea of Christmas sweaters though! We are planning an Ugly Christmas Sweater party this year and while this sweater isn’t ugly it would be great to have something that fits them both. Thank you for the great article and wish my luck on dressing my giants!

  5. I was hoping on getting something for my mother in laws St Bernard Mastiff mix. She always is looking for things to get him, but stores never have anything big enough for him. I like the reindeer one, do you have any others you recommend? I also wasn’t aware Adidas made dog clothes.

  6. I was thinking about what should I get for my Samoyed as a Christmas present, then I came across to your blog. A dog sweater will be a good one! The dogs in the photos look cute in the sweater. Thank you for sharing and explaining how to measure the size for picking a outfit fits the dog. 🙂


    • Hi Vivi,

      Thanks so much for reading my article and taking the time to share your thoughts. It can be hard to decide what to get our pets for Christmas, so hopefully I’ve found some good, high quality options for dog lovers. Happy Christmas to you and your Samoyed, and I hope he/she likes the sweater!

      All the best, Mara.

  7. I can tell you love dogs. So do I. I have 2, Gizmo and Ninja; Ninja is an outdoor dog and Gizmo is a very spoiled indoor dog. Also, I am currently dog sitting for my sister’s 2 dogs while she recovers from surgery. Her two dogs, Sally and Jada, are Gizmo’s sisters.

    I tell you dogs are more than just pets. They feel like your kids, and as such you usually want the best for them. Gizmo would just love one of the outfits listed about; he lovesto wear sweaters.

    • Hi SanShar,

      Thanks for taking a look and sharing your thoughts. It sounds like you have a busy household just now! I hope your sister gets well soon, and that Gizmo likes his sweater.

      Take care, Mara

  8. I have a friend who I have known for about two to three years. He has two dogs in which he walks every morning whether it’s raining, snowing, or having heavy wind blowing. I think earthquakes are the only things that will stop him from walking his two dogs. He mentioned that during the winter he is always concerned that his dogs will be cold. When I read about the sweaters that you recommended, I thought that’s exactly what he needs. I will tell him about it now. Thank you very much.

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you helping to get the word out. These dog sweaters are great and I’msure he will find something cozy and warm for winter walks.

      Mall the best, Mara.

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