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Advice First-Time Pet Owners Should Consider

According to statistics from 2011, more than half of all households (56 percent) in the United States owned pets. A worldwide survey also found that Americans tend to think of pets as family members, which is a rarity among the countries polled. So for everyone who doesn’t have a pet but is looking to add… Read More »

Everyone wants to know, should dogs sleep in your bed? The answer is here.

It might astound you to hear that approximately half of all pet owners share their sleeping spaces with their pets. I suppose it depends which side of the fence you are on – if you already do this, then of course you are going to view it as entirely acceptable. However, there are also people on… Read More »

Do dogs help loneliness? The evidence says yes!

Many dog owners are already aware of the joy their canine companion brings to them. But what makes this human-dog bond such a pleasure and so special? This question has stimulated a lot of discussion and research over recent years, and it turns out there are actually a lot of hidden benefits to owning a dog.… Read More »