Bike Riding with a Dog. What do you need?

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to exercise together with your dog. I know there are plenty of ace runners out there, but if you’re like me, you may prefer cycling. Getting out and about on a bicycle with your dog is good fun. However, you may not have access to bike trails where your dog can be off lead. But a piece of equipment that can link your dog to your bike is a good solution.

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Firstly, there aren’t a lot of bicycle dog leashes on the market. More importantly, there is only one I would want to use. Others give me visions of tangled up bikes, dogs and people! As a result, I am only profiling the one below. It has the extra safety of a rigid bar hooking onto the bike. Therefore the dog’s lead still has freedom to move from the anchor point at the other end. In addition, you can can shorten the lead to avoid them running into the wheels.

It’s definitely the only one I can recommend at the moment. However, if future products come to market for bike riding with a dog, I will add them. That is to say, if I rate them highly enough! 

Walky Dog Bike Leash

Size: 14 x 2 x 4 inches; 36 x 5 x 10cm

Weight: 2 lb; 907 gm

Walky dog bike leash
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What exactly is it?

This is the newest Walky Dog Plus model, upgraded in 2015. Constructed from the highest grade of high-carbon steel, so it’s very strong and rust proof. There is a quick release function for safety, which is patented to this particular design. Consequently you can immediately disconnect your dog from the bike if needed.

It has the capacity to lengthen the leash as well. However a longer leash means more chance for your dog to veer too close to your bike wheel.  On the other hand, too far away from your bike and you won’t have as much control over them.  A bike leash is a great way to exercise your dog and is particularly useful for really active dogs. Just make sure you go at the right speed for your dog! Safety should come first when bike riding with a dog.

What's good about the Walky Plus Dog Bike Leash?

  • The only true and patented design for a quick-release function, so gives option for an emergency disconnect.
  • Has an approved mark for quality and safety-tested (TUV SUD) 
  • Can usually be installed on any bike in under 5 minutes. Because there are no screws and it works on a push-pull locking system, it’s easy to attach.
  • The leash is made from military-grade Paracord and has a pull strength of 550 lb. Therefore it’s tough! It’s also UV resistant to avoid fading and will not corrode.
  • You can add an extra 6.5 inches to the leash length by taking out 2 springs inside the steel wand. BUT take heed of my warning in the above paragraph!
  • If your dog suddenly changes direction, there is an internal shock-absorbing system to prevent being pulled off your bike.

Is there anything not so good?

  • You do need to have a degree of trust in your dog for any bike leash. In other words you need to be confident they will run happily alongside. They are not suitable accessories if your dog pulls very hard or runs erratically.
  • Watch the leash where it rubs on the end of the wand. For example, over time it may wear down and fray with the friction. However this is normal with any fabric-to-metal moving contact. In short this bike leash shouldn’t be marked down for this reason, as most will have the same component parts.

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Enjoy bike riding with your dog!