Some of the best dog fetch toys around.

Let’s face it, if your dog loves fetch you need toys that will stand up to being thrown here, there and everywhere. Caught in the air, pounced on and a fair few bite marks are probably about average for fetch toys. So you want something that lasts for a decent length of time, especially if it’s something your dog loves to play with. Here are my pick of the best dog fetch toys around, so take a look and see what your dog might fancy. These are all fun and tough at the same time, so are perfect for playing fetch.

Hyper Pet Fetch Frisbee

Size: 9 x 9 x 0.8 inches; 22.9 x 22.9 x 2.2 cm

Weight: 2.4oz; 68 g

Hyper Pet Fetch Frisbee
Average Customer Rating:

What exactly is it?

Called the Flippy Flopper, you might think it looks a bit flimsy. However that’s not the case at all. Yes, it’s light so it flies through the air easily, but the material is nylon and very tough. Also, the seams are all well put together and it really is a quality product. More importantly, it’s safe on dog’s teeth, even when they are catching it mid air. Another great feature is it floats in water, so is great for dogs who love being in and out of the sea, lake, or pool. 

Hyper Pet Flippy Floppy range

Key Features and Benefits

Rubber and multi-layer nylon constructionSoft on a dog’s teeth and mouth, but incredibly durable for long lasting outdoor play.
Lightweight and floats on waterIdeal for playing at the lake, sea or pool so it’s lots of fun with your dog.
Bright coloursWon’t get lost in the bushes or water, because it can be easily seen

What else is good about this dog fetch toy?

  • Easy to carry around and fits in your beach bag, back pack, or carry bag. As a result it’s perfect for day trips out.
  • Can be used all year round, whatever the season.
  • Fantastic for active dogs who love to play fetch. (The importance of exercising your dog)
  • Helps keep your exercise levels up too, since you have to throw it!

Is there anything not so good?

  • There are some dog owners who said their dog destroyed this quite quickly. However, it’s not a chew toy, and realistically if a dog gnaws long enough on any toy, they will wear it down. It’s a dog fetch toy and should be treated as such.

West Paw Bumi

Size: Large (9.5 x 9.5 x 1.8 ins; 24.1 x 24.1 x 4.4 cm)

Weight: 6.4oz; 159 g

Dog with West Paw Bumi in its mouth
Average Customer Rating:

What exactly is it?

This is so cool, and I suspect Bumi is short for boomerang! It’s an ultra stretchy and flexible toy, which is ideal for fetching AND tugging. It’s a good throw and fetch toy because of it’s neat shape, almost like a boomerang, although I don’t claim it will come back to you of it’s own accord. You will need your dog for that! Easy to hold onto for you, and also easy for your dog to catch and pick up. But the real genius is in the stretchy nature of the substance itself. It will actually stretch to double it’s length, and then bounce back to it’s original shape, which is why it’s so cool for tugging as well.

WestPaw Bumi Fetch Toy

Key Features and Benefits

100% manufacturer guaranteeThe product is so robust that the maker guarantees 100% against damage from a dog. Although not if you run it over with your lawnmower! But I think that’s a fair offer by the manufacturer.
Dishwasher safeWe all know as dog owners how filthy our dog toys get, so if there is something to make cleaning easier, then that’s awesome. You can stick this in the dishwasher and it will come out clean as a whistle and ready to carry on being stretched and fetched all over again.
Non toxicBPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. Now, I’m not sure exactly what all of these are, but anything that is safer for my dog gets a big thumbs up from me.

What else is good about this dog fetch toy?

  • Made in the USA, so you can be assured it’s decent quality, and it’s tough!
  • It sounds unbelievable, but it is actually recyclable too. So if it eventually starts to show too much wear and tear, you can recycle it to help the environment.
  • It floats too, so you can even play fetch in the water.
  • The nature of the material means it’s also soft on your dog’s mouth, teeth and gums, which is a great feature.

Is there anything not so good?

  • Nothing from me. If you buy your dog toys to match your dog, then you shouldn’t have any problems with this one. It’s not branded as a chew toy, but as something to be played with, so don’t expect it to last if your dog is an aggressive chewer. I personally believe (having owned large dogs) that there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy, and I would steer clear of anything that claims to be. It’s a fact of life if you have a dog, that most of you will need to buy MANY dog toys during their lifetime.

KONG Aqua Dog Fetch Toy

Size: Large (25.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 ins; 64.8 x 7 x 7 cm)

Weight: 7oz; 200 g

KONG Aqua dog fetch toy
Average Customer Rating:

What exactly is it?

The usual KONG standard of tough rubber, but the aqua fetch toy has a rope attached. Because of this it’s easier for you to throw further distances. Hare are a few snippets of the reviews on Amazon:

“Best Toy Ever : My Lab loves this and keeps it in her bed for safe keeping. Every time we go outside she has it with her. “
“German Shepherd LOVES this ball : Our shepherd is obsessed. He loves this ball so much. And he can’t chew it up. He does try. He carries this ball everywhere he goes.”
“Perfect Toy : These toys are awesome!!! We use them at the lake or river all the time and our dogs really love them.”

Key Features and Benefits

Constructed of quality rubber and a braided ropeLight enough to float, but tough enough to last for heaps of fetch play time.
Made in the USAThis is just an opinion of mine, which has been formed over time and experience with dog toys. I have found that toys made in Europe, North America and Australia tend to be better quality. No offence to anywhere else, but it’s just what I’ve found myself. However, others may have a different opinion!
Easy to throwEncourages and promotes interactive play between dog and owner, and therefore great to help with keeping a dog fit.

What else is good about this dog fetch toy?

  • Not much more to say, other than loads of dogs love it so much they don’t just use it for water play. In addition they play with it at home, inside and outside!
  • There are different sizes available, and here’s a helpful size guide if you’re not sure which is best for your dog.

Is there anything not so good?

  • WARNING: because KONG toys are great sellers, there are loads of imitations, and Amazon is no exception. As usual, when I look at reviews it’s apparent that some buyers have bought imitations and then reviewed the genuine article. Make sure it’s in the KONG packaging shown above when you receive it, as well as having the KONG name imprinted onto the toy itself. If not, return it straight away and ask for your money back, because it’s not the real thing. I’m very confident you won’t be disappointed with the genuine article!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at these fetch toys – the bubble one at the end is more for fun than fetching, but I know lots of dogs who enjoy chasing and snapping at the bubbles, so it’s a kind of fetch too! If you want to save your arm playing fetch, you might like my reviews on ball throwers for dogs too.

If you have any comments or other products you would like to share your thoughts on, please do so below. We all like to hear of products that are tried and tested.

Happy Dog Days to you all 🙂 xx

2 thoughts on “Some of the best dog fetch toys around.

  1. This WestPaw Bumi sounds fab for playful fetching purposes, our sheltie dog Bonnie would have loved this stretch flexy toy, she’d have spent hours running back and forth fetching this. The boomerang shape looks fab for throwing some distance, this would have worn her out. Ha!

    I do like the idea of it being dishwasher safe too as this kind of toy gets into some right dirty places and to have an effortless clean on a regular basis will work wonders.
    Sounds great for dogs who like jumping in rivers as this toy floats, you’d have never got Bonnie into water though, it terrified her.

    Thanks for introducing me to WestPaw Bumi, great toy,

    1. Hi Simon,

      The WestPaw Bumi is one of my favorite toys from all the ones reviewed here. I just think it’s amazingly versatile and such a great shape for playing with. Bonnie sounds like an amazing dog, and not all like water. Our Rocky didn’t mind the river or quieter water, but was a bit afraid of the sea, after a wave went over his head when he was just a pup. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I enjoyed hearing about Bonnie. Mara 🙂

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