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Benefits of a dog fitness tracker

dog health information

Most people will have heard of the FitBit, and Google now have a similar watch. They are great tools for tracking personal health and activity levels. But did you know there is a dog fitness tracker too?

It’s so important to give your dog the exercise they need to keep them healthy. This isn’t always what a website tells you, or what is typical for a particular breed. It is what’s right for your individual dog. Certainly you can start out with what’s recommended for a breed. However as a dog ages, their needs may change, and your vet may also advise you. As time goes by, you will get to know what the right amount is for your own dog.

The Overall Health Equation

Of course you need to balance the whole health equation. Exercise stimulates mind and body for a dog, but a healthy diet with not too many snacks is also important. Also, rest is super important too, to allow their minds and bodies to have a breather. Just like our sleep is important, so too is our dogs.

In terms of your dog’s mental health, play and interaction with you are both key factors. One of the best things is to take the time to play with your dog outside. If you need inspiration, here are my top picks for the best dog fetch toys. For more ideas, I also have compiled a selection of outdoor dog toys that are perfect for playing with together.

Why is it important to keep your dog healthy? If this health equation gets out of balance, for an extended time,  your dog can have real problems. We’ve probably all seen pictures of overweight pets on social media. In the majority of cases this is down to overfeeding and too many treats. In this case, as weight increases it can become more difficult for a dog to exercise in a normal fashion.

Don't Let your Dog Become Overweight

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Just like humans, extra weight puts unnecessary pressure on joints, as well as the circulatory system. The heart has to work harder, and lungs work overtime to get oxygen around the body. Also, an overweight dog may have less than ideal arteries making blood pressure an issue as well. No-one wants their dog to be on medications unless it’s absolutely necessary.

An Unhealthy Dog will Cost you More

There are also financial considerations. An overweight and unhealthy dog will require more visits to the vet, your insurance premiums will likely rise, and if all of that’s not enough, they are likely to have a shorter life.

So, you can see there’s quite a bit to keep tabs on. I’m sure everyone wants their beloved dog to be around as long as possible, so staying healthy together is a great thing.

Introducing FitBark

Unless you have already heard of FitBark, you might not know what it is. It’s a device that can be attached to a dog’s collar, that tracks and records a wide range of dog health information.

For example, it measures your dog’s level of activity, how well they sleep, the distances they travel, and how many calories are used. It really is a overall health monitor that works constantly, every hour of every day. It therefore provides your with everything you need to keep your dog in tip top condition.

What's so great about the FitBark?

My favourite feature is probably that it’s waterproof. This is a huge bonus in the summer months, especially if you have a dog who loves nothing more than jumping in and out of any water!

Just like Apple iPhone generations, the FitBark has been so popular that its makers have developed the FitBark 2. The most significant improvement is the battery life, and it actually lasts for about 6 months now. This is a great convenience factor and means less time for you recharging it.

Share Dog Health Information with your Vet

Because the information is all digital, you can also share information with your vet. This can be super important for keeping track of mobility issues, particularly in arthritic dogs. In this instance it’s likely your dog would need more frequent exercise, but over a shorter distance and on flat ground. The app will help you review this with any specialist care giver and keep track of what’s going on. It really does allow you to follow what is healthy for dogs.

Benefits of monitoring your dog's health

Being able to identify health issues early on

The FitBark 2 has been developed in conjunction with a whole host of animal specialists. As a result it combines all the data about your dog into a Health Index. It can pick up on early signs that there might be something wrong with your dog, if the index score drops for some reason. This is a huge benefit, as with many conditions, the earlier we can get onto them, the better the long term prognosis for your dog.

Assessing anxiety levels

This fitness tracker allows you to have a look at how your dog behaves when you leave the house. Do they run around like a mad thing? Or are they quite calm? Reviewing the data can show you your dog’s stress levels, and identify if they have separation anxiety.

Checking you are getting value from your dog walker

If you pay for dog walking services, FitBark gives you a tool to see how far and for how long your dog is being walked for. With the number of these services that are available now, you should be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Getting healthy together

You can even connect your own fitness devices to the FitBark, so you can really enjoy exercising together. It connects to links to the FitBit, Google Fit and the Apple HealthKit.

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Why I Recommend this Dog Fitness Tracker

I totally rate the FitBark as a dog fitness tracker.It has so many useful features and is vital in keeping an eye on your dog’s overall health. I haven’t come across anything else that is as comprehensive in the level of information it collects. Overall I highly recommend it as a way to learn what is healthy for dogs, and how your own dog compares. As an added bonus, there are heaps of different colours to choose from too!

16 thoughts on “Benefits of a dog fitness tracker

  1. Is there a way to have this on my dog without a collar? I usually put it on her only when I take her to the vet. I have a big yard at my house so it’s not a problem.

    But I really want to get it for her. If I need a collar, can you recommend some soft ones to me? 

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Sorry, but it does need to be attached to a collar. There’s no other way it could fit onto your dog, and if it’s not secure it will just fall off and get lost. I really like this soft collar, and you can also get your dog’s name or contact info put onto it as part of the purchase If you don’t like that one, I can also recommend this one, especially since you’re from the USA Hope you find something that suits, Mara.

  2. How do I recharge this tracker? Is there a charger that comes with it? or do I have to take it somewhere? Though if the battery life is 6 months, I guess it’s worth it. I want to take this as a gift for my best friend. She loves her dog and she buys things for him all the time. I believe she’ll like it. 🙂

    1. Hi Jenny,

      It’s basically like a lot of re-chargeable devices these days, and just needs a USB port – either on a PC USB port, or one that plugs into a power supply (like an iPhone or Kindle). It’s sometimes easier to leave it attached to the collar, and just take the collar off your dog while you’re at home, if that’s appropriate for your dog. I hope your friend likes the gift – I’m sure she will find the FitBark really useful. Mara

  3. Is there any chance his tracker affects my dog negatively? Maybe, I’m a little paranoid about it, but better safe than sorry, right?

    I really like this tracker because it’s high quality and waterproof. It’s pretty hot here, especially in summer and I have a little pool for him. He even sleeps sometimes there.

    1. HI Kate,

      No, there aren’t any negative impacts I’m aware of. This device has been around for a while and the manufacturers are already providing the second updated version. If there were any adverse health effects on dogs, it wouldn’t still be in the market. I’ve certainly not witnessed anything myself and would be confident your dog would be 100% OK with it. It’s great for dogs that love water, and bless, I love that your dog has his own little pool for cooling off when it’s hot. All the best, Mara.

  4. this is the first time i am hearing about this product called the “fit-bark” and from what you have explained, this is one quality item any dog owner should own.

    I love the fact that the product is waterproof and as such would not be easily damaged as my dog likes to swim.

    Thanks for the review

  5. Dog fitness tracker too? I didn’t know that.I guess I am not alone when it comes to dog fitness level.We usually do the short evening walks and maybe a little play when the small nieces and nephews are around.

    I now realize the importance of the health equation, something I had never put so much thought into. 

    The FitBark is really an eye-opener.At least with this, I can monitor our family dog and take more caution in regards to her health. Thank you for this article. Very informative.

  6. My mother’s dog has gained a lot of weight during the last couple of years and he really seems miserable… I was recently talking with her about taking him out more often for long walks.

    I believe that this tracker would be a great way to track his daily progress in order to know how much further to keep pushing him day by day.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Harry, and yes this could be just the thing to get your mother’s dog back on track with his weight. The fact she would see progress would help inspire her to keep going with the exercise. I highly recommend it in this situation, before the extra weight starts to cause health problems for him.

  7. I’ve heard of Fitbit but didn’t know there was a fitness tracker for dogs!
    But it makes sense because your dog shoud be healthy like you are.
    I have to show this to my sister because she walks two miles a day with her dog and I’m sure that she would be interested in the Fitbark.
    I’ve seen too many dogs that are overweight and I feel that owners should not let this happen especially if they are in shape and their dog isn’t!
    The Fitbark is something that can really be healthy for your dog.
    I’m sure that most vets would give the stamp of approval on the Fitbark, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Hi Rob, and yes I would definitely agree that most vets would think it’s a good idea. Despite all the fitness monitoring, the FitBark is really useful for identifying any changes in your dogs health. Sometimes, they aren’t displaying outward signs of illness or a problem, but this picks it up really early. This means owners can then monitor the situation – is it just a small blip in the dog’s health, or something that requires further investigation? The fact the vets can also look at the information is very useful as well. There’s no other way they could have a digital record of a dog’s health and fitness at home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mara.

  8. IT is a real nice article, Dog trackers help dog owners to keep a track of their animal and help in locating a dog that has gone astray, having drifted away outside their nominated safe area. I truly believe GPS dog tracking is increasingly becoming the most popular products that help dog owners to quickly track their pets and bring them back home safely.

    1. Hi Fabio and thanks for your comment. However, I think you misunderstand what this is. It monitors the health and fitness of dogs. It’s not a GPS tracker at all, and won’t tell you where your dog is. Some of the training collars here…have GPS trackers in them, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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