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My dog sheds excessively! Help!

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My dog sheds excessively

Most dog owners will completely understand this. You know, the giant tumbleweeds of hair that clump together and then get under every awkward space in your home. Or the stuff that clings to every single piece of exposed fabric – the carpet, the couch, the bed….and don’t get me started on the car! Are you […]

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Dogs and the Power of Healing

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Warrior Canine Connection Charitable Organisation

It truly is amazing how animals can help humans heal and give them unspoken support to face traumas in their past or present. Dogs are awesome for this purpose and there are well documented cases all around the world that give evidence that they make a difference to our soul, when times are troubled. There’s […]

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6 Important Tips for Buying a Puppy

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What to do when buying a puppy

The dog owning community will always be split – some will prefer to re-home dogs from shelters or animal rescue, but there will always be some who want to take on a puppy. Both have their pros and cons, which I’m not going to get into here! But either way, we are all aware of […]